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Yuba County residents have had enough.  On June 7, they voted to keep marijuana at bay in their county. The County Supervisors and citizens have been under assault for more than a year by pro-marijuana cultivators and out-of-area dispensaries who want to sell more drugs.

Unsavory types have moved into otherwise nice communities growing pot, to the disdain of their neighbors.  The stench from marijuana is so bad they can’t open their windows at night.  If they complain, they are threatened.  In one case residents had their windows shot out.

Roughly two thirds of the citizens soundly rejected two ballot initiatives, Prop A that would have allowed up to 60 plants in outdoor cultivation, and Prop B which called for five new dispensaries.  Opposition to these measures was organized and carried out by local residents Colene and Buck Weckman, who took no small amount of flack for doing so.    Their facebook page is called Stop Commercial Pot.  It was effective.

Buck and Colene and all who had the courage to stand in the face of incredible abuse, deserve thanks from every Californian for setting an example that our youth, communities and future are worth fighting for.  Let’s hope others communities join the effort to turn back marijuana this November and reject the ballot initiative to calling for legalized recreational use, financed (once again) by out-of-state billionaires.

Another county, Siskiyou County, also voted on June 7, deciding to tighten restrictions on marijuana growing.

Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Help Stop Fires, Explosions

Better Protection from BHO Labs for Families

By Roger Morgan, Founder Take Back America Campaign #stoppot  (916) 434 5629

In 2014, Butane Hash Oil (BHO) labs killed 32 people in California.

Driven by greed, and the growing popularity of this highly potent marijuana derivative, amateurs have been blowing up homes and apartments with greater frequency while making BHO, a marijuana derivative.  Governor Brown signed SB 212 on August 7.   Authored by Senator Tony Mendoza, the bill will reclassify the crime of operating BHO and methamphetamine labs as aggravated felony, if they are in proximity to residences and schools.  Senator Tony Mendoza authored the bill which will go into effect Continue reading Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Help Stop Fires, Explosions