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Ohioans Reject Marijuana Legalization. CALM Rallying Support


Ohioans reject the plain stupid idea of legalizing marijuana 65%-35%. It lost in all 88 counties.

In California we have recently defeated initiatives for grow sites in Shasta County, pot shops in 6 San Diego County cities, pot shops in Yucca Valley and the city of Riverside. All with about 60% of the votes. Legalizing is not inevitable. Inevitability is a lie attempting to manipulate the perception to create an outcome.



Now to win in California, Nevada, Arizona.  The more we see the results in Colorado the more evidence we have that marijuana legalization should not pass.

Please join us to stop marijuana legalization

Help us save California and other targeted states from the dangers of marijuana legalization

Every week I speak to hundreds who are working to oppose marijuana legalization or who are concerned that it might be legalized. The facts regarding the harms and dangers of marijuana are on our side. We need a coordinated and expanded effort to get the facts in front of voters. To do this we need to be able to communicate effectively to each other and to millions of others across the country.

Please take 3 minutes to fill out the survey at the link below. This will allow us to send messages, solicit and send help in specific regions and cities.

Then, please pass along this blog post to everyone you know (not just in Ohio or California).

We must expand the conversation to every concerned citizen and invite them to be part of the effort to keep our children safe and away from drugs, our roads from drugged drivers, our workplace from those who would be physically and mentally compromised under the influence of marijuana.

As California Governor Jerry Brown has said, “How many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation?

It is clear that legalization will make our state and nation less great. Please help. Please fill out the form at the link below and forward this to everyone you know.

We will defeat marijuana legalization with your help. With your collective contact information we will let you know how we intend do it.

TAKE THE SURVEY:  http://goo.gl/forms/Y1aA2Pa25o

Once you fill out the survey please send it to others. Feel free to fashion your own message or use this one or some combination of the two.


By Scott Chipman

Marijuana is Not Winning Across the Country

Marijuana is no longer winning in the states, or in the courts around the nation.  Although Responsible Ohio has turned in enough signatures to put legalization on the ballot in November, 2015,  Governor John Kasich has come out strongly against this marijuana-industry plan towards legalization.   In fact, he state, “I’m totally opposed to it because it is the scourge of the country.” Continue reading Marijuana is Not Winning Across the Country