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Hash Oil Explosions Kill, Harm Neighbors

A hash oil explosion in North Portland on July 24, killed two men, annihilated a home and caused significant danger to the home next door.  While the man next door explained that his wife was shook up and his children at day camp, the family cat died in the fire.  The neighbor is lucky to be alive considering the extent of this explosion.

People use marijuana to make butane hash oil labs, also called honey oil.  These are the dangerous drug labs that are blowing up people and homes, particularly in California and in the West.

By April, 2015, the California Alliance of Drug-Endangered Children had tracked 41 marijuana lab deaths in that state between 2011 and 2015.   It’s not clear how many have happened since that time. Continue reading Hash Oil Explosions Kill, Harm Neighbors

Montana, Other States Beat Marijuana Madness

In Montana, a Supreme Court ruling clamped down on commercial marijuana sales by limiting the number of patients for individual medical marijuana providers.  To avoid large-scale commercial distribution, the judges agreed that providers can have a maximum of three medical marijuana clients, and that they may be compensated. The ruling also upheld important provisions of a law passed in 2011, including the ban on medical marijuana advertising and the automatic review for doctors who recommend medical marijuana.

Safe Montana Launches

Safe Montana has launched a petition drive to protect the citizens of that state from drugs and to put Montana in alignment with federal law.  Stephen Zabawa has launched the petition and is currently working to get 25,000 signatures for a ballot initiative in November.  It is called, “No to Illegal Drugs” – I-176

A year ago it seemed that marijuana legalization was inevitable.  Then voters in Ohio rejected marijuana legalization by 2 to 1 in November, 2015.  This defeat seems to have ended the marijuana industry’s winning streak.

Marijuana lobbyists are losing many battles in state governmental bodies.  The New Mexico legislature killed a marijuana legalization measure in February.

In New Hampshire, also in February, legislators voted against a House bill to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol.  Opponents questioned the wisdom of making another addictive drug legal during a time of drug overdoses and death.

A marijuana decriminalization bill failed in Wyoming.  It was the third year in a row that marijuana advocates tried to pass a bill which would have reduced the fine for pot possession, from $500 to $100.  Marijuana lobbyists also failed to get a legalization of recreational use of marijuana on the ballot for November, falling  short of the 25,600 signatures from registered voters that was needed.

The Wyoming Senate Judiciary panel issued a favorable recommendation for a bill to make marijuana edibles illegal.

Vermont is the only state where marijuana has a chance of passing soon.  The Senate advanced a marijuana legalization bill last week by a vote of 17-12. Governor Peter Shumlin has made it his goal to legalize marijuana.  However, the chambers of commerce, police and six Vermont physician groups came out in Opposition to legalizing marijuana for recreation use.  The state’s health department wrote a scathing attack on legalization.  Smart Approaches to Marijuana – Vermont urges lawmakers to take a more thoughtful, cautious approach.