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High Means DUI launches in San Diego

California legalized marijuana without figuring out how to test for and prevent stoned driving.  To counter this problem before commercial pot dispensaries open in January, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) officially launched a campaign in San Diego two weeks ago.   “High Means DUI” will combat the perception that driving under the influence of marijuana is safe.   It will also increase public awareness across the nation and support policies to reduce the prevalence of driving while high.

There were 3,335 marijuana-related U.S. driving fatalities in 2016, according to a statisticians Alfred Crancer and Phillip Drum.  The percentage of marijuana-DUI drivers in fatal crashes is getting close the percentage of drivers under the influence of alcohol. In states that have legalized marijuana, marijuana DUI comprise 24 % of fatal crashes. In Washington, the difference Continue reading High Means DUI launches in San Diego