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Marijuana is An Assault On The Human Species

A commentary by Roger Morgan

For anyone under age 25 or 30, marijuana causes permanent brain damage and loss of IQ because their brains aren’t fully developed. The younger they are, the worse the damage. Marijuana causes psychotic breaks leading to gruesome acts of violence, mental illness, addiction, suicides and myriad health problems. Marijuana is a fat soluble toxin that remains in the body for weeks and months. It causes DNA damage that can cause physical and mental abnormalities in the next four generations. Continue reading Marijuana is An Assault On The Human Species

Watch Roger Morgan Explain Marijuana Dangers

Meet the Man Who Hopes To Stop Marijuana Legalization in California

Reason TV is a libertarian leaning media outlet that is pro-marijuana legalization. This explains the obvious bias from the host. This didn’t stop Roger from making the strong case against legalization. Please watch as Morgan explains the Safe and Drug-Free Community Act initiative, how marijuana harms the brain and how marijuana destroys the environment.

“Parents are unaware of the harms on the brain. If we continue to destroy the brains of our our young people and allow the devastation of our natural forests neither have a future, neither do we as a nation.”

Effects of Pot on the Young Brain

Recommended for educating school and community groups: In a 3-minute video, Crystal Dilworth explains how marijuana — even in small amounts — affects the developing brain, and changes its structure.  She makes a compelling case for why not to use for those under 25.


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