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The Heat: Canada’s Decision to Legalize Mind-Altering Drug, Marijuana

On June 20, 2018 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ushered in a new era of drug addiction, announcing that recreational marijuana will become legal on October 17, 2018.  Canadians will now be able to consume marijuana recreationally without criminal penalties.  Despite studies suggesting a connection between pot and bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and Trudeau’s own mother suffering from marijuana-induced mental illness, Trudeau is leading his country straight towards the abyss of mental illness and harm.  His pro-marijuana policy is making light of kids and young adults who died as a result of using marijuana.  Their stories deserve to be heard — legalizing recreational pot is spitting in the face of mothers who have lost their children.

With the wheels in motion set for marijuana legalization in Canada founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, Carla Lowe sat down with three pro pot activists to discuss the marijuana harms and repercussions for Canada under pot legalization.  Watch Lowe on The Heat below:

California’s Medical Marijuana Scam: A Grandma’s View

 Testimony #1:  Medical Marijuana Card at 17, Followed by Psychosis

(The first of our anonymous testimonies about California’s dangerous medical marijuana program.)  David’s father at 17 gave him permission for a medical marijuana card without consulting his mother.  David also smoked the pot his father grew.  This card gave David the right to walk into any one of the medical marijuana shops and purchase any one of the hundreds of genres out there. As you know they package what the client chooses in what looks like a prescription bottle and label it. Disgusting. These shops need to be closed. Continue reading California’s Medical Marijuana Scam: A Grandma’s View

Marijuana Can Cause Mental Illness

Skunk Alert: Marijuana Can Cause Mental Illness

Part 6 of 9 part series

In vulnerable individuals (about 30%) it has and is causing psychotic breaks leading to violent acts, mass murders and suicides, as well as other mental health disorders including schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder. The problem is people don’t know they are vulnerable until they experience the problem, then it may be too late for some and a question of long term recovery for others. Psychotic episodes have led to a dramatic increase in emergency room visits. Daily users are 5 times more likely to develop mental health disorders; weekend users 3 times more than non-users. A UK study showed that Skunk was responsible for 1/4th the new cases of schizophrenia. Studies from Australia and New Zealand showed that teens who use marijuana were 7 times more likely to commit suicide.Skunk About to Spray.svg.hi

Skunk is the name for today’s high potency marijuana. 

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