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Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Help Stop Fires, Explosions

Better Protection from BHO Labs for Families

By Roger Morgan, Founder Take Back America Campaign #stoppot  (916) 434 5629

In 2014, Butane Hash Oil (BHO) labs killed 32 people in California.

Driven by greed, and the growing popularity of this highly potent marijuana derivative, amateurs have been blowing up homes and apartments with greater frequency while making BHO, a marijuana derivative.  Governor Brown signed SB 212 on August 7.   Authored by Senator Tony Mendoza, the bill will reclassify the crime of operating BHO and methamphetamine labs as aggravated felony, if they are in proximity to residences and schools.  Senator Tony Mendoza authored the bill which will go into effect Continue reading Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Help Stop Fires, Explosions

Marijuana is Bad, Worsens Symptoms of PTSD

Veterans deserve quality care. Today, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) plans to offer an amendment to the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, in an effort to make it easier for veterans to access medical marijuana.The Blumenauer Amendment to allow the Veterans Administration to prescribe “medical marijuana” for veterans suffering from PTSD will cause the death and/or destruction of many veterans, and many others at their mercy.

All credible scientific studies indicate that marijuana use makes mental illnesses worse, not better.  Furthermore, Judge Kimberly Mueller recently upheld the Schedule I status of marijuana, meaning  no medical application and potential for abuse.  There are numerous studies showing that today’s highly potent pot causes psychotic breaks leading to violent acts and suicides. Continue reading Marijuana is Bad, Worsens Symptoms of PTSD

Marijuana is NOT Safer than Alcohol

Skunk Alert: Marijuana is NOT Safer than Alcohol

Part 9 of a 9 part series

Unlike alcohol which consists of one chemical that is excreted from the body in a matter of hours, marijuana is fat-soluble, one half of which stays in the body and brain for a month, compounding with
each additional joint; longer than any other drug. It consists of 483 chemicals that turn into over
2,000 when smoked, and 61 cannabinoids all of which are bioactive and some are psychoactive.
The main psychoactive drug is THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol). The THC content of marijuana has increased from ½ to 2% in the 60’s and 70’s to as high as 40% in smoked form, and 95% as wax or BHO (Butane Hemp Oil). While alcohol in moderation can even be beneficial, as with a glass or two of wine, today’s high potency pot, called Skunk, is primarily consumed just to get high, and with it are many serious harms to adolescent brains.Skunk About to Spray.svg.hi

Skunk is the name for today’s high potency marijuana.

See the first post in the series: Marijuana is Worse than Tobacco.