If you have a concern about keeping a marijuana dispensary or grow out of your neighborhood, please contact Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana, also called CALM.  The organization is very experienced and has an info packet they can send you.  CALM originated several years ago in California, but now is ready to help any state in the country.   If we support each other while trying to protect the children, we will keep marijuana out of our neighborhoods.

In 2015, a judge in California upheld the Schedule I designation of marijuana.    In 2016, the DEA review the Schedule I designation and decided marijuana belonged in that category which means it has a “high potential for abuse.”

Here’s some stories from California, for example:   Yuba County and Nevada County, as well as feature articles about:

Humboldt, Mendocino Counties   and    The Emerald Triangle, Calaveras County


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8 thoughts on “California”

  1. No particular story to add, yet I want to mention I will be in full support of Roger Morgan’s initiative 15-0069.

    Normally I would be biased against medical marijuana because I think it is mostly another major ruse for greater marijuana acceptance. But yes of course this does make a lot of sense. For what true benefits that may help ill patients truly in need, let’s do be compassionate regardless of the ulterior motives of others!

  2. Kudos to this website, Roger Morgan and the efforts of others, as I am seeing several Stoppot2016 articles appear in Yahoo news, and likely other outlets too. Good work. Maybe the message will get out there.

    We really need a large profile public figure to ‘catch on’ to this amazing correlation. I wish Donald Trump would take of the cause, for instance.

    Society has been subjected to many major acts of terrorism over the years that shock and disrupt our very way of life- like the OKC bombing, 911, the Olympic bombing, the Boston Marathon bombing, the mass shooting in Orlando, the assassinations and attempts by Jared Loughner, the Nice, France truck driving mass murder and so forth. And there is also a verifiable connection to prior marijuana (or hashish) abuse (months or years before) in every single one of these cases (above, and many more). And we know from the medical science that marijuana can adversely affect the brains of some susceptible abusers (like schizophrenia) for extended periods of time, well beyond the phase of acute intoxication (an important distinction).

    Yet all of this madness does not alarm or grab the attention of anybody of high profile person of presence on the national scene? Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, George Will, Ann Coulter, Shawn Hannity, etc. Where are you? Do any of you folks see what’s going on? Mass murderers obviously have altered mind. And a very high percentage of them are using the mind-altering drug, marijuana. Why is this fundamental concept so elusive?

    Maybe if they did not use mind-altering drugs, their minds would not have become so deranged, and if so, then maybe these horrible acts of terror would never have occurred? We are eagerly blaming radical Islam, yet many of these terrorists are not Islamic at all. Marijuana does not necessarily have to skew the reasoning of ALL abusers, all it needs to do is derange the mind, or exacerbate underlying mental illnesses of a small percentage of abusers so mass murdering terrorists can be created. Get it? Not all users of marijuana are mentally ill, but some are. It’s not rocket science to understand the simple concept of “subsets”.

    Right or wrong, does that possibility at least concern anybody at the national level?

  3. I have just read another interview with Roger Morgan,
    where a list of Mother Jones mass murderers is listed. The tone is Morgan is making stuff up, and most mass murderers are not using marijuana.
    Well, this is interesting. Mother Jones was cited and a list of mass murderers since 1982 was provided:

    There are several on the list whom are positively cannabis users as we have listed on this website.
    But how about a test, and just search the whole list and see what we can find. This might take a while, but here’s the first one:

    Gavin Long: Could not find any drug abuse, though I suspect there’s a high probability.

    Now the next, Micah Xavier Johnson. As mentioned in an earlier post no information regarding drug abuse is mentioned whatsoever. Probability he used marijuana? I’d say 100%.

    Next: Omar Matteen, YES, as delineated well in prior posts.

    Next:Cedric Ford : from According to online court records, Ford has a criminal record in Harvey County, Kansas. He was arrested on December 17, 2010, and charged with a parole violation, domestic battery, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, traffic violations and theft.”

    Unquestionably marijuana use and likely other drugs.

    Jason B Dalton: No information, though Dalton maintained he did not “abuse drugs”

    Next: Syed Rizwan: There is a drug connection with the other member connected, Enrique Marquez. High likelihood, but not concrete evidence, yet.

    Next: Robert Lewis Dear, Yes, and corroborated with references in prior posts.

    Next: Noah Harpham: Maybe, says substance abuse and lists alcohol,

    Next: Chris Harper Mercer, No? Could not find any references previously, others have info?
    Next: Mohammed Abduleez: Yes, previously noted in earlier posts
    Next: Dylan Roof, Yes, well documented earlier

    Next: Sergio Valencia del Toro No? No references, others have info?

    That’s it for now, this is tedious, though I see several more names down the list who were verified cannabis users. Note that not all info is out there for a variety of reasons. Cops might not think marijuana is pertinent, journalists prefer not to report, acquaintances do not want to also be people of interest in investigations, and so forth.

    Others, if interested, please help with this list! Thanks.

    1. There is definitely a significant marijuana connection with Noah Harpham and his drug use. He was the Colorado Springs shooter just
      a few weeks before Robert Dear. He had addiction to marijuana and it was the cause of his psychosis.

  4. Doing a bit more homework. I can not find much information at all about Kurt Myers, the next in the list. Moving on, I did find a marijuana connection to the next mass shooter on the list, Andrew Engeldinger.

    Excerpt From:

    “Carolyn Engeldinger said her son was diagnosed with depression and given medication. But she said he stopped taking the medication and began using marijuana and alcohol as a young adult.

    The Engeldingers said their son’s condition grew worse and he started exhibiting signs of schizophrenia. However, they said he was never violent.

    Police found bottles of prescription medicine in Engeldinger’s home as well as 12,000 rounds of ammunition. They say Andrew Engeldinger legally bought the gun he used in the shootings, and frequently went to the gun range to practice….”


    So once again, marijuana use and signs of schizophrenia, then violent acts.

    1. There is probably no connection to marijuana with Adam Lanza, nor with the Virginia Tech shooter. Both were termed by others as autistic, computer whiz kids and resistant to get any type of psychiatric help. There are records of refusal and in the case of Lanza both him and his mother were against medication. Adam Lanza was however a long-term vegan showed definite nutritional deficiencies (Vitamin K, all B vitamins) that probably affected his mental health. Note that both those killers thought ahead and were more rational than the others in the planning. Stoners would not have been able to plan so well. By the way, we believe that Elliot Rodger used marijuana, being that he was in California and that something about it was posted on Internet after initial shooting, but was taken down. Initial reports of ketamine and marijuana. We would have to consult his parents. Doubt if parents would say, as they would be blamed for allowing it.

      We don’t know the story of Engeldinger. However, we consult with Dr. Miller. In her research, most people with schizophrenia are not naturally violent, but when marijuana is involved, oh boy, a completely different story. Something that you contributed last year is posted on our FB page. Just note we will not have time to read and approve many comments. There is more evidence public is picking up signs of pot = violence!

  5. Here’s another case of marijuana affecting the mind of a mentally disturbed individual, this case in Santa Cruz, California. Sean Arlt, a known cannabis user who was mentally ill, turned violent in front of police. The ending was tragic. For doubters, simply look up Sean Arlt at the 420 celebration in 2015 in Santa Cruz, more than a year prior to the incident. There’s an interview in the Sentinel mentioning him. He is seen smoking marijuana, and he said he had been attending that even for over a decade.

    So here we have yet another bona fide case of a mentally ill person with a history of past marijuana use, who exhibits violent behavior in front of police, with a tragic ending.

    Now isn’t this case like ALL the others across the nation? Keith Lamont Scott was one of the most recent, a history of marijuana abuse and mental illness, who acts erratic and threatening to police, whose life also ends tragically.

    In the later case, much of society assumes racism might be a root factor in the killing, and is hence the impetus for Black Lives Matter movement, but for Sean Arlt, who is caucasian, we can’t blame racism, ie BLM does not apply, correct can we?

    It all boils down to marijuana induced or exacerbated mental illness that at some point turns violent. This is happening over and over and over again. Are we as a society ever going to figure this out?

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