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  1. One would think that at the very least, knowing with first hand evidence that marijuana can induce instantaneous madness as happened a few times already in Colorado, there may implications that psychoses could develop over longer periods of abuse- a cumulative affect from repeated use.

    Whether legend or fact from centuries, it’s a known concept of the Arabs that those who eat hashish can go ballistic enough to be assassins. It could be that modern terrorists are programmed via brainwashing and hashish or marijuana so as to commit acts of terrorism. They all use copious amounts of drugs, which our media will not report. All the domestic terrorists (just about) have known histories of pot abuse and mental illness. It’s seems to be a logical concluding that some are being deranged from repeated cannabinoid intoxication, enough so their brains are mentally deranged enough to be homicidal.

    The handwriting is on the wall, even the vast majority (it appears) of our domestic, non-Islamic murderers are stoners, yet no one in high places is picking up on this. Why?

  2. Regarding the most recent mass shooting in Colorado Springs, it’s tough to get accurate information. Most sources simply state the suspect was a Christian and had a drinking problem that was under control for many years, but he may have reverted recently. So most are left with the impression here;s another one of those ‘unexplainable’ cases.
    But I find it hard to believe he was not using marijuana. However, with a bit of research I did find this excerpt written by his mother:
    “Meanwhile, as she watched in horror, her grown son descended into his own nightmare of drugs and alcohol. She feared for his life, yet she couldn’t stop drinking long enough to help him — or find a way out for herself.”

    Drugs too, not just alcohol. “Drugs” abuse almost invariably implies marijuana at the core of a “drug abuse” problem, whether or not so called harder drugs were involved.
    Our media is so reluctant to speak the truth! If marijuana is involved, especially in Colorado, then say it, REPORT it, as reporting is the fundamental duty of the journalist.

  3. For some reason, hardly a soul anywhere in high places will acknowledge that the cannabinoids affect the brains of the Islamic terrorists.

    Very odd indeed considering we have a gigantic threat to face, that could involve a major war, soldiers in combat, young people facing the horror of war. We might lose Israel with a repeat of the Holocaust. A major nuclear war could break out, and so forth.

    Seems at the very least we should know a little about the terror groups, that is, to ‘know them’ in every conceivable manner is one would think an utmost priority.
    But nobody (as least as far as I can discern), no politicians, no intellectuals in academia, no one in national security, not even the Middle East terror experts, will ever mention that the terror groups are laden with drugs.
    But why is that important, after all they like all other humans like to indulge some times, whether alcohol, or getting high? Because there’s big difference. The cannabinoids are verifiably associated with mental illness, brain restructuring and all sorts of PERMANENT alterations on the brain.
    Just to start, there is this tremendous wall of opposition just to establish the most fundamental fact. That is ALL the terror groups are major druggies.
    For one among many references, simply Google search Hashish, or weed, and ISIS and see for yourself. Here’s just one excerpt:
    “Just across a snow-capped mountain range, in the Bekaa Valley, are weed fields tended mostly by poor, Assad-friendly Shia farmers. But business is business. They tell The Daily Beast they are selling their products to ISIS recruits, who are allegedly blazing Lebanese blond and reselling it to fund their atrocities.

    “Last month we sold one ton of hash to ISIS,” says “Imad,” who farms a 15-acre cannabis plot in the shadow of the Qalamoun Mountains that separate the valley from Syria. (He declined to use his real name out of fear of arrest.) ”

    So why the resistance here in the US or even in Europe to at least report actual fact?. Might be worth researching but I imagine a lot of that hashish production is not only consumed by the terrorists, but also is smuggled heavily into Europe.

    If the West were to come to realize our enemy, the terrorists, are being financed in part by drug abusers in Europe, this fact, if is that what it is, would be a major scandal in our relations. After all, why send young people to war, in harm’s way etc, when a major source of the problem is drug abuse in Europe?

    So, why won’t the US media acknowledge that the terrorists are major druggies? Because, at least to a major degree, our mainstream media is very pro marijuana, and is going all out to establishing the current barrage, this huge mountain of pro marijuana propaganda.
    If the American public were to realize that the cannabinoids might just be an element adversely affecting the minds of the terrorists, then marijuana acceptance chances nationally would be mitigated.
    And personally, it appears in all likelihood, the cannabinoids are indeed affecting brains adversely enough to be a major instrument in ‘manufacturing’ terrorists. At least from the medical evidence presented thus far, brains do restructure from cannabis abuse. So why would it be so far fetched to ask if marijuana or hashish, known to restructure brains, might be adversly affecting the minds of some abusers, enabling them to become ruthless killers?
    The Arabs state this, many on trial in US courts, ‘the patients’ tell us that their minds went mad from drugs before they began killing, all our domestic terrorist with tenuous connections to Islam at best, are using marijuana and suffering mental health issues, etc., etc.
    Why isn’t anyone (aside from here) listening?

  4. ” might be adversing some abusers to become ruthless killers?”

    Should be “might be adversely affecting the minds of some abusers enabling them to become ruthless killers?”

  5. Evan …

    Great commentary! You are blessed with wisdom, knowledge and the ability to communicate in a concise manner. Keep it up. The Battle For The Brains has begun. If we continue to allow our youth to destroy their brains, they have no future, nor do we as a nation.

    Roger Morgan
    Take Back America Campaign

  6. The authors of this website probably are aware already, but it’s worth mentioning regardless that the latest news states that the DEA is increasingly alarmed with the rising use of legal pot farms in Colorado as base stations for also producing meth.

    It never ends. One of the biggest myths in my opinion is this intentionally promulgated notion that pot users really only want to use marijuana, and not other drugs. Afterall “What harm can a little pot do?” is the lingering intent. However, though I may be wrong, it appears to me that many of those who indulge in marijuana on a regular basis are also attracted to other drugs. The idea is to get “high” so they often, as I see it, are open to other drugs too.

    So as our nation opens the doors to marijuana acceptance, we are really just unwittingly only seeing the tip of the iceberg to a much larger and more comprehensive sphere of the drug culture. The pot lobby gains a political victory, while its practitioners see the green light to also accept other drugs into the culture. We loosen up a little in our values and standards, while the drug movement then takes a giant leap forward.

    Ultimately it could be, and I am speculating, that marijuana legalization begets greater acceptance to not just marijuana, but many more drugs. And thus marijuana acceptance per se should more accurately described as “drug acceptance”.

    All tricky business.

  7. I wanted to mention to Roger again I really appreciate his getting interviewed to express our concerns that marijuana may be aiding in the derangement of some minds that in turn may lead to killing rampages. It’s not idle speculation to at least wonder, since the correlation seems so astonishing.

    We STILL do not have the medical proof to the connection. On the other hand, as serious as this is (think 911 and their use of marijuana for instance in Hamburg, Germany) we can’t simply ignore the potential connection.

    And besides, why is solely up to us to ‘prove’ that marijuana abuse may be enabling the derangement of the homicidal sociopaths? Seems to me that an equal burden of proof goes to the other side to assure us the correlation is merely only that, and not causal.

    For instance, how can Colorado assure us that three of their most notorious mass murders in recent times (Aurora, Columbine and the abortion shooting) were not deranged from their marijuana abuse? Seems to me they should also be showing us why there is no medical connection. But they can’t of course, and are unwilling to do so.

    The other observation about your interview is that it made only a few articles in the media. But there was no national sensationalism over this, no headlines, no debates pro or con. Basically, a very effect tactic is being used by the national media and this simply to ignore this claim.

    By not reporting and ignoring, few anywhere get the gist of the message, while yours (and my) opinions are simply dismissed and relegated. I would love to see any of our politicians, any of the major talk shows on radio or t.v. at least discuss and wonder about this weird correlation. It can not continue to be ignored. Every time one of these mass murders occurs of which drugs, specifically marijuana, had been a factor in the perpetrator’s mental frame work, I think “Well finally, maybe somebody of nation presence will catch on to this and start to wonder”. You’d think, right or wrong, we as a nation would at least take heed, begin to wonder, inquire and debate.

    But nothing ever seems to happen. WHY? How can this possibly be?

  8. >

    Thank you, Roger. I really appreciate that.

    Once again however, let me emphasize that my suspicions about the causal relationship between cannabis abuse and violent crime might ultimately be invalidated. Plus, I am the first to admit that I have been spectacularly wrong about things in the past!

    Science, not bias, should have the upper hand with our opinions and decision making. Perhaps the correlation is pure coincidence, or maybe sociopaths have a natural affinity for drugs regardless. Nobody knows for sure, yet.

    But then again, the pro-marijuana acceptance movement could also be wrong too. And they on the other hand, because of favorable bias, will not acknowledge the potential harms regarding violent outbursts, let alone even admit there is a correlation.

    It’s very unwise for society to readily accept a mind-altering drug that has all the appearances of causing serious mental health issues, and the readily observable social harms that result. The best and brightest open-minds should be alert and wary. Unfortunately it appears they are not. Why?

    As marijuana gains acceptance and proliferation, and as the potency of the drug continues to strengthen, society could be subjecting itself to even greater, disastrous consequences in the future without ever realizing how and why. More killing rampages, outbreaks of senseless violence, skewed and intellectually weakened minds, and so forth. To use the vernacular, we may be screwing up royally!

    And that’s why I am passionate!

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