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  1. The latest propaganda regarding medical marijuana that I have noticed are statements to the effect that CBD alone is ineffective, and that for full ‘medicinal’ potential, THC use in conjunction with CBD is required!

    What? Is there anything to this, or is this simply one more lie among the litany of lies characteristic of the medical marijuana movement?

    Sounds to me like just another excuse to get high.

  2. Half truths and lies. Reefer Madness at it’s worst. Many have cured themselves of cancer. What about the American Cancer Society’s stance.? They have said it can cure cancer.

    1. first of all, thank you Larry Williams. Secondly, people trying to sell marijuana don’t name it, the genetic engineers who make the strains do. You don’t actually need an enticing name to sell marijauana… crazy right? EX: Alaskan Thunderfuck. Wow, can’t wait to put that in my mouth hole. How about Martian Mean Green, MEAN IS IN THE F*CKING TITLE! The only reason this site is still up and running is because people don’t know how to do research on a non-biased page.

  3. What a pile of misinformation! What a group of misinformed people who drank the coolaid from the 50’s and 60’s and watched “Reefer Madness” without understanding that they were being lied too. Booze is legal and will do, by far, more damage to the body and mind of the habitual user than pot will. It offers me great pain relief for my diabetic neuropathy and sleep issues. The Gov’t is perpetrating lies and deceit because they can’t control the growth or use like they can with other, far more dangerous drugs. Please, get off your high horse and stop trying to control what other people do! It’s none of your business!

  4. Don, the libertarian position, that is as you imply It’s none of your business!” is valid, but only to a degree. That is our freedoms are limited to the point they may harm others. When marijuana users commit mass murders in schools and malls, or bomb marathons or federal buildings, shoot cops , assassinate or attempt to assassinate politicians, or bring down airplanes, then that aspect of libertarianism is no more applicable!

    That’s our point: Some potheads are deranging their minds with marijuana or hashish to the point they commit mass murder. It IS our business!

    1. EvanB, you are so right!! You sir should be a minister of the devils lettuce at the church of the reefer madness! Every single pothead I’ve ever known has deranged their minds so badly that all they ever do now is commit mass murders in schools and malls, or bomb marathons or federal buildings, shoot cops , assassinate or attempt to assassinate politicians, or bring down airplanes! It’s too bad prohibition isn’t more popular with people. In fact, us prohibitionists seem to be a dwindling minority these days! Where can people hide to get away from all the evil murderous potheads in this country?! Why don’t more people see it our way??

  5. Hello Frank and others. I have just now noticed the sarcastic replies which I do appreciate nonetheless since ANY and all feedback that can stimulate discussion is very welcome. A little skepticism, some challenge and so forth is perfectly healthy for intellectual debate.

    Please understand a simple math concept applies. That is results of just about anything can affect different people in different ways. For instance, some who drink will develop drinking problems, or get in driving accidents because of their drinking. But far, far more people who drink never have such problems, and the factors determining those outcomes are well established.

    The concept is subsets. Similarly not all drug users have serious problems, but a small percentage of those who use drugs, specifically marijuana for this discussion, will develop addiction, or habits, or suffer mental health issues such as psychosis. I think any of you would agree that paranoia is one of the well-documented associations with marijuana use disorder, correct?

    And some abusers will develop full-fledged schizophrenia. And this is well documented with research. Maybe some abusers already have underlying conditions that become exacerbated. Nevertheless, most agree that some users of marijuana will develop mental issues. It’s a fact.

    Now take an even smaller subset and imagine some of the abusers not only develop psychosis, but their behavior can be altered and even violent at times. Violent, psychotic outbursts may be triggered by events, and/or maybe they are cumulative conditions that build up from months or years of drug abuse.

    Thus, you and zillions of others, may not suffer adverse outcomes from pot abuse, but a smaller subset will. And it’s this group we are concerned about.

    The correlation with violence and psychotic episodes of these sociopaths is out of this world. And science is desperately trying to catch up, while the handwriting is on the walls. It could be that in the altered states of consciousness, some drug abusers are seeing demons, and then carrying those warped mental states forward.

    We just don’t know entirely. Yet as the evidence, the neuroscience and degree of suspicion rise, all the big red arrows are starting to point right at marijuana.

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