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  1. Here’s a commentary from the NIDA website, if you’re interested.

    “Waiting for Godot.

    Submitted by Anon on May 9, 2015
    With full understanding that correlation is not causation, there seems to be an astonishing correlation with prior drug abuse, specifically marijuana (or hashish) and violent, senseless crime all around the world that I think should not be ignored. I suspect abuse months or years prior has drastically altered the brains in many of society’s sociopaths.

    All the Islamic terror groups, for instance, utilize plentiful drugs and narcotics during radicalization and during acts of terrorism. Evidence suggests the vicious drug cartels of Mexico use the drugs they market. The domestic drug gangs are known to use the drugs they deal, as revealed by testing during their arrests for violent crimes. Domestically, nearly all if not all our mass murderers and serial killers in recent decades used drugs. The same applies to nearly all our assassins or would-be assassins, many of the school and mall shooters, and many of the domestic acts of terrorism where public places were bombed.

    And, virtually any homicide in the news today has a connection to drug abuse. A football star on trial for alleged murder is said to be a “chain-smoker” of marijuana, a Utah woman who killed all her babies used marijuana and meth, a cop shooter in NYC upset about ‘police brutality’ has a history of marijuana abuse, kills two cops, then himself. The list goes on and on, myriads of them. Police, judges, or anybody who reads the news diligently, can attest that the vast majority of these murderers are abusing or have abused drugs. And most alarming is that the so-called harmless drug, marijuana, seems to be the one substance abused by nearly ALL of the sociopaths.

    Regardless of one’s viewpoint, I imagine most would readily agree that marijuana does not necessarily render all abusers peaceful and non-violent!

    Cannabinoid toxins of marijuana are known to affect the very part of the brain that harbors our basic feelings such as hunger, empathy for life and inhibition. One could imagine that perhaps some serious abusers are damaging that area’s gray matter and depleting their minds of empathy for life and inhibition, thus enabling them to become remorseless killers.

    Is anybody in high places, other than a few police chiefs around the country, connecting the dots? Why isn’t anyone in the mainstream media, scientists, politicos, academics, talk show hosts, etc., at least wondering out loud if marijuana is enabling some abusers to become homicidal? Where are our open and inquisitive minds? Mum seems to be the word while many of the state’s governors gleefully encourage marijuana legalization.

    Is anybody out there haunted by the possibility that the marijuana used by the Boston Marathon bombers, the Oklahoma City bombers, the Olympic bomber, and many others, could have played a role toward their mental derangement that lead to their acts of terror? And, how can our society become so obsessed with marijuana with near reverential worship? There’s even some evidence, albeit sketchy, the 9/11 terrorists used marijuana.

    And yet in the midst of all this mayhem and madness, smoked or ingested marijuana (as opposed to legitimate marijuana medical research science) is supposed to be , ugh, ‘medicine’? Who exactly are we kidding with this hoax of the grandest scale? It’s all about paving the road toward national legalization, and worse, liberalization. The end result will be greater abuse at all ages, including children, potentially assuring America’s downward spiral. And then, even more addiction, the horrible disease of the brain, will guarantee even greater demand. The process is wicked in every sense of the word. Totally WICKED!

    My overall million dollar question is: Is dope behind the madness, and when will we know, if ever?”

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