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Marijuana is involved in one out of every nine fatal car crashes today.   Last September in Colorado, both drivers involved in a car crash were high on marijuana…… and both died.  This situation much more likely to happen in a state with “medical marijuana” or legalized marijuana.

Bystanders and pedestrians  aren’t safe in the states that legalized marijuana.    A boy who died in Colorado last November was hit and killed by another student, who drove after smoking marijuana and had been warned not to drive.   The boy who died was standing next to a parked car.

While society has been minimizing the effects of stoned driving, high school students die without out considering the consequences of riding in the car of a stoned schoolmate.   Recently in Washington, three students were killed riding with a classmate who was driving under the influence of marijuana. The driver survived, as did Joseph Beers, who at age 19, crashed the car that killed 4 of his friends.

The scene of a deadly crash in Malverne, NY on Monday, Oct. 8, 2012 (credit: Kathryn Brown/CBS 2)
Site of a deadly crash in Malverne, NY on Mon., Oct. 8, 2012 (credit: Kathryn Brown/CBS 2)


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