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  1. I have been very involved in the debate for several years as a practicing Pain Medicine physician. I served on the Governor’s Task Force on Amendment 64, Consumer Safety and Social Issues Work Group and on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council. I have also been on the American Board of Pain Medicine Exam Council and Executive Board and Appeals Committee. I do publicly speak on the harms associated with use and if you would like to hear what I have to say, just let me know.
    My office number is 719-634-7246,
    Ken Finn, MD

  2. I know of a group that would like to circulate the California initiative to ban aspects of marijuana issues—how can they obtain the petitions?

  3. This is a preliminary inquiry.

    The American Institute for Progressive Democracy (TAIPD) will hold another of its public forums, this one on marijuana legalization in California. It will be held October 4 (shortly before the November elections) on the Pomona College campus in Claremont. We are currently planning on having one speaker representing each of the pro and con positions on legalization and then one expert on various issues: legal and social justice, medical, economic, and environmental. Each of the 6 speakers will have (say) 15 minutes; there will be another hour, perhaps some of it for interaction among the panelists and the rest for questions from the floor.

    The question we wish to ask you is whether you would be interested and able to supply a speaker representing the con position on the issue and on the actual ballot initiative(s).

    If you have any immediate further questions please ask.

    Merrill Ring
    Board member

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