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Michigan Voters Please Don’t Legalize Criminals

Legalizing Criminals

By Joe Tilton

Blacks Law Dictionary includes the meaning of “criminal intent” as “a component of a crime involving a conscious decision on the part of one party to injure or deprive another.” What better definition could there be to the issue of marihuana dealers wanting to operate freely in our society, depriving addicts of their money and children from lifetime success? Must we bless crime and destruction?

A Dale Carnegie course uses a sequence of words to describe a reason to buy something. The phrase is, “fact, bridge, benefit.” Take these three words from an exchange and you have a crime. When the fact is actually a lie and the benefit is destruction of an individual or society, and the dealer knows it, he’s a criminal. The “bridge” is, “what this means to you is…” What does bringing down our society with pot mean to you? Knowing you will injure or deprive the buyer through your product or pseudo service is an act (crime) that should be punishable, yet the pro-recreational marihuana people want you to legalize what they do. Are we so easily duped? Continue reading Michigan Voters Please Don’t Legalize Criminals

Mr. Munchie has it all wrong–marijuana is more dangerous

Mr. Munchie is spinning lies and creating the next generation of couch potatoes.

“Safer than Alcohol” is a Junk Talking Point and Totally Untrue

by Mad Dad

Mason Tvert should be in an orange jump suit, if they make them that large. I think he only weighed 99 lbs when he started his campaign of lies. He is living proof that pot gives one the munchies.

When he and two colleagues wrote “Marijuana is SAFER, so why are we driving people to drink?” in 2009, the average potency of pot had already climbed to 6- 8% in smoked form. It wasn’t safer than alcohol even then. But in smoked form today it runs about 25 % THC (+/-) and as high as 37%. Since that time, concentrates have come into play for edibles, dabbing and vaping that are as high as 99%. Didn’t phase Mr. Munchie! He says it’s still safer than alcohol, which is a ridiculous statement to begin with. Alcohol in moderation, practiced by 80% of those consume it, can even be beneficial, as in two glasses of wine. People don’t always drink to get high, unlike marijuana. But you have to define if you are comparing it to 6% beer, 100% grain alcohol and/or how much one consumes. Continue reading Mr. Munchie has it all wrong–marijuana is more dangerous

Gavin Newsom Unwisely Favors Safe Injection Sites

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Safe Injection Sites are Bad for California

Commentary by Roger Morgan

California AB186, which attempted to legalize safe injection drug sites, was fortunately vetoed by Governor Brown.  In so doing he proclaimed “…..enabling illegal and destructive drug use will never work. The disadvantages of this bill far outweigh the possible benefits.”  Based on actual experience at similar sites in Canada, one can easily agree. While the stated intent of the bill was to reduce overdose deaths, experience in Toronto showed a 63% increase (303 deaths) from 2016 to 2017. In all of Ontario, there were 1,265 overdose deaths in 2017. Continue reading Gavin Newsom Unwisely Favors Safe Injection Sites


October 17, 2018 is not a day for celebration, as Canada is vastly ill-prepared for such an enormous change in public policy.   On that day, Canada breaks with long-standing international drug prevention partners, including the United States. Canada walks away from the three UN Drug Conventions, as violates articles within The Rights of the Child Treaty.  In response, concerned citizens rally under the banner – “A Grey Balloon Day For Canada “- Legal Marijuana is Nothing To Celebrate. Continue reading Grey Balloon Day is NON-CELEBRATION AS CANADA LEGALIZES Marijuana