Mitch McConnell meets with pot drug dealers

Mitch McConnell is meeting with the wrong people

(Published by our friends and partners at AALM, Americans Against the Legalization of Marijuana)

It is being reported that Mitch McConnell is in California to meet with marijuana drug dealers. He has traveled here because California is the epicenter for all things pot. The grow sites are here, the businesses are here, the investors are here, the manufacturers are here and the users are here.  Of course pot drug dealers want more federal legitimacy and full national legalization of their harmful and addictive drug. They want to be able to bank their ill-gotten profits. 

What Mitch needs to know is there is nothing related to pot that is properly working in California. Not one promise made to voters has been kept.

Mitch should be meeting with:

Is Mitch following John Boehner’s example and lining up his next multi-million dollar gig in the pot industry? 

“This drug dealing industry is selling illness, addiction and even death. It has shown unsurprisingly that it will not following regulations. It has also shown it will use it’s ill-gotten millions to buy off politicians to increase its influence and profits.” 
-Scott Chipman

“It is well passed time that Congress and federal agencies push back against this harmful industry and its deadly products. There is nothing ‘safe’ about marijuana. ‘Safe’ banking for drug dealers would be another deadly mistake.”
-Carla Lowe.

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