Mr. Munchie has it all wrong–marijuana is more dangerous

Mr. Munchie is spinning lies and creating the next generation of couch potatoes.

“Safer than Alcohol” is a Junk Talking Point and Totally Untrue

by Mad Dad

Mason Tvert should be in an orange jump suit, if they make them that large. I think he only weighed 99 lbs when he started his campaign of lies. He is living proof that pot gives one the munchies.

When he and two colleagues wrote “Marijuana is SAFER, so why are we driving people to drink?” in 2009, the average potency of pot had already climbed to 6- 8% in smoked form. It wasn’t safer than alcohol even then. But in smoked form today it runs about 25 % THC (+/-) and as high as 37%. Since that time, concentrates have come into play for edibles, dabbing and vaping that are as high as 99%. Didn’t phase Mr. Munchie! He says it’s still safer than alcohol, which is a ridiculous statement to begin with. Alcohol in moderation, practiced by 80% of those consume it, can even be beneficial, as in two glasses of wine. People don’t always drink to get high, unlike marijuana. But you have to define if you are comparing it to 6% beer, 100% grain alcohol and/or how much one consumes.

There is a big difference in these two drugs. Alcohol consists of one chemical that is excreted from the body in hours. Marijuana, on the other hand, is fat soluble with a half life of about 30 days. It compounds with additional use. It consists of nearly 500 chemicals that turn into 2,000 when smoked or vaporized. It has over 60 cannabinoids, all of which are bioactive, meaning they do something to the body and brain. Some like ;THC are psychoactive. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component that has medicinal qualifies in some (not all) cases, and can actually offset the psychoactive high that comes from THC. But since Mr. Munchie wrote his book in 2009, CBD has largely been bred out of the plant in favor of THC, because people just want to get high. And high they get ….. and worse, especially for adolescents but for anyone under age 25 or even 30.

Tucker Carlson Buries Tvert in TV Debate

Marijuana doesn’t impact everyone the same way. But because it is a fat-soluble toxin that remains in the body and brain for extended periods, unlike alcohol, it causes numerous problems that alcohol in moderation doesn’t. First of all it shrinks the hippocampus, which is the learning, memory and cognition center of the brain. Research has shown that it can lower one’s IQ by 8 points by mid life, and ceasing to use pot doesn’t reverse the problem. Most people don’t have the luxury of losing 8 points of their IQ. Secondly, it can cause psychotic breaks leading to violent acts and suicide. In Munchies own state of Colorado, there have been numerous suicides from people eating edibles. Richard Kirk of Denver ate 5 pieces of marijuana candy then ended up shooting and killing his wife “…because he thought the world was coming to an end”. It elevates the risk of mental illness 5 times, suicide 7 times. It causes myriad health problems, like “scromitting” (screaming and vomiting uncontrollably). Perhaps the gravest and least known outcome is that marijuana use by either parent can cause DNA damage leading to physical and mental abnormalities in future generations. Marijuana is actually a threat to the human species.

The motives of anyone who says marijuana is safer than alcohol should be questioned. They are almost always involved in the pot-for-profit movement. It’s false advertising, and they should be prosecuted accordingly. Marijuana is the foundation for all drug use, One only need consider that since 2008 marijuana use has increased by 60% (15 to 24 million). In the same period overdose deaths from opioids and other drugs have increased from about 105 a day to and unthinkable level of 198 a day in 2018. The last time the federal government measured all drug related deaths was 1995, and overdose was only 27% of the total.. Nothing in modern history even compares with the level of death, social destruction to society and economic cost inflicted on taxpayers.

North America is on a trajectory where one-third or more of the population will have physical or mental abnormalities, be mentally ill, addicted to drugs or dead. Drug policies are largely shaped by drug money, not science. We can’t trust the government(s). The media and message about marijuana has been controlled by Soros for decades, allowing false narratives spewing from the likes of Mr. Munchie. If there is any hope for America, Canada or much of the world for that matter, the battle must revert to the people, the people must become enlightened on the facts of marijuana, and the people must act to protect the future.

Mad Dad blogs anonymously about the harms of cannabis.