Tell Congress to Vote No on Leahy-Rohrabacher Amendment

Call Washington Today and Ask Congress and Senate to Vote for Federal Oversight of Marijuana Industry

This Leahy-Rohrabacher amendment  is section 538 of Senate Bill 1662 – The Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2018. The Amendment limits the ability of the Department of Justice and the Food and Drug Administration to fully enforce federal drug purity and pesticide and environmental laws for medical marijuana products and foods in states that have medical marijuana.

Rohrabacher and his good friend Steve De Angelo who claims to have the biggest “medical” marijuana dispensary in the world.

Congress is Considering Withholding Money so the Federal Government Can’t Enforce their own Pesticide and Environmental and Food and Drug Safety Laws. Ever Wonder Why?

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher uses medical marijuana. Steve De Angelo is thankful for the help he gets from Congress so he can line his pockets with gold selling an illicit drug. The problem for the planet and all living things on it is the drug is destructive. The environmental reclamation costs for marijuana grows in California alone could exceed billions of dollars. [1]

Lab tests reveal 80 to 93% of “medical” marijuana in California is tainted with pesticides that are very dangerous to human health. [2] Would the Congress or the FDA allow any other product to be marketed with proven contaminants?

Senator Patrick Leahy

As Senator Leahy should be aware, all properly motivated elected officials place public health and safety first.

Products being sold as medicine with names like Death Star Pie, Hippie Slayer, Sour Diesel are really not medicine for the chronically ill. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE LOADED WITH PESTICIDES.

Marijuana can cause brain damage for anyone under 25, psychotic breaks leading to violent acts, mental illness, suicides, addiction, birth defects, physical harms and mental impairment leading to traffic deaths. Social ills such as crime, homelessness, academic failure, and lost productivity bring HUGE economic costs. [3]

We need you and others to tell Congress to VOTE NO ON LEAHY-ROHRABACHER. Stand up to prevent a health and financial disaster.

by Roger Morgan, Take Back America Campaign,




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