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Pot is on the Ballot, Anti Pot Groups Fight Back

AUMA as explained by those who are anti pot

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act qualifies for the November ballot. Californians now have to decide between legalizing a psychotic drug or protecting youth and young adults from the harms potent marijuana. One of the anti-pot groups, Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana – CALMca, explains why this ballot initiative, if successful, would be disastrous for California. 

Anti pot groups: this would be disastrous!

This initiative is so poorly written that California will experience outcomes similar to Colorado

  • The black market would not go away if this were to pass – it will likely get larger
  • Teen use would increase
  • School drop outs would increase
  • Homelessness would increase
  • Drugged driving would increase
  • The tax revenues would be much less than the cost of the harms

Why anti pot groups need your support

With millions of drug dollars contributed by New York billionaires Soros and Sean Parker, it comes as no surprise that the Newsom initiative to legalize marijuana has enough signatures for the ballot. The irony is, with a new President in November who would actually enforce federal law, it could all stop in a heartbeat.

Their initiative is flawed. As proven in Colorado, it won’t get rid of cartels. There is also a clause in the initiative that if conditions exist that undermine the “legal market”, taxes will be reduced or eliminated. A little subversion. Of course they don’t talk about the harms inflicted by today’s high-powered pot, like brain damage, mental illness, addiction, birth defects and traffic deaths caused by brain impairment.

The idea that the state of California is capable of regulating this industry is patently absurd. If they had the ability to regulate anything we wouldn’t have 50,000 illegal cultivation sites already, supplying 60% of the US market while destroying our land, polluting our communities and destroying the brains of our youth.

If voters know the personal, social and economic harms of marijuana they won’t vote to add it as one more legal drug, nor elect anyone who would sacrifice public health and safety for campaign backing for their own personal political career, as is clearly the case with Newsom.

One thought on “Pot is on the Ballot, Anti Pot Groups Fight Back”

  1. If you guys were smart, you would simply file a legal challenge to the AUMA on the basis that it violates the “single subject rule”.

    Surely something that tries to do so much, and is 65 pages long, can be found to violate the rule, and thus be struck down.

    Call some lawyers.

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