Canadian Shop Sells Edibles of Questionable Safety

By Pamela McColl, SAM Canada

MBMP, a company in Victoria, British Columbia, is selling hand-made, medicated, “winterized” chocolates to many of the dispensaries in BC. The problem is that butane and ethanol are being used in the manufacturing of these “food” products and they are being sold without proper labeling and ingredient lists.

The owner of MBMP has no medical or scientific education to back his claims of either safe, or medicinal ingredients in these potentially, toxic chocolates.

The company brochure states the following:

What is Winterizing?
“Winterizing is the use of a second solvent in order to clean up an extract. We use 96% ethanol to winterize our BHO for edibles. The BHO is dissolved in the ethanol and then frozen for 24 hours. During this process any of the plant waxes and fats freeze and separate from the oil. The ethanol mixture is the filtered through a 2 micron filter using a vacuum assist. After filtering, the alcohol is evaporated off the same as when you are making iso oil. We finish the purge in a vacuum oven to make sure that we get a complete purge. We use 96% ethanol for this process rather than iso as ethanol is non-toxic and thus, in our estimation, the better choice of the two.”

Low and slow.
“Start with a low dose of 10 milligrams of THC and wait two hours before consuming any more cannabis. Once inside your liver, THC is converted into another chemical called 11-hydroxy-THC, which is actually more potent, explaining the intensity of an edibles high.”

The brochure also states that if you have consumed too much (overdosed) – “find a place to rest for a deep sleep of 10-12 hours.” How can any responsible person, who holds a job or looks after loved ones including children and pets sleep for 10-12 hours. This recommendation is reckless.

A person who has over medicated themselves should seek appropriate medical attention to avoid accidents to themselves or others.
These products have nothing to do with marijuana as a natural plant or medicinal purpose and are all about getting temporarily intoxicated. ;

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