Dangers of Marijuana Explained by Texas Mother

Marijuana is Addictive. Dangers of Marijuana Ruining my Family

There’s this popular notion that marijuana is a harmless drug, a lie  perpetuated by the pot lobby. Drug abuse harms thousands of families in the U.S. yet the pot lobby continues to deny marijuana’s damaging effects. In this blog Stop Pot 2016 presents the story of a Texas mother detailing her family’s experience with the dangers of marijuana.

Marijuana addiction is real; my 17 year-old daughter started smoking marijuana consistently for almost a year. I found out by noticing changes in her personality, cognitive behavior, energy level, diet, digestive stomach problems, and sleep patterns. I started looking through her phone which showed videos and pictures of her and friends smoking and trying marijuana in different ways through pipes, dabs, vapes, joints, etc. Although, she’s been marijuana free for several weeks, her mind is set that it’s ok to utilize marijuana because it’s been legalized medically and recreationally in certain states. I’m hoping and praying she changes the way she thinks. As a result, her IQ has decreased and she’s experiencing withdrawal symptoms which include insomnia, anxiety, memory problems, depression, and changes in her food cravings. She used to like healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, but now her cravings are mostly sweet foods. I know some people support medical marijuana, and research shows some benefits, however I don’t believe the potential benefits are worth the dangers of marijuana. Medical marijuana is opening doors to legalizing the drug recreationally and putting youth at risk.

Dangers of Marijuana to Real to Ignore

My estranged husband has been smoking marijuana for years and he’s also an alcoholic. He’s not doing drugs like crack, cocaine, meth or heroin, only marijuana and now he’s mentally ill. I can no longer live with him as his intelligence has declined and his functioning has turned to someone born with a developmental disorder. There were times when he would be drunk and stoned at the same time and behave in such an abnormal way that he would growl like an animal towards me. I fear that his lifestyle will end up being the cause of his death if he continues with this addiction. I love both my husband, and daughter, that’s why I feel so strong about my opposition in regards to marijuana because of the problems it caused my family. I know I’m not alone in this battle and many of us have our share of stories and frustrations with society due to this drug war within our families.  Drugs tear families apart.  That’s the really drug war that’s happening. I must end with pointing out that marijuana is a mind-altering drug and a dangerous one.



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  1. In response to the woman whose daughter and husband are affected by their pot use, and what it does to her family, I have to say that my experience is similar. My (now ex-) husband also smoked almost daily, drank almost daily, often to excess, for several decades. At first when we were young i thought that it was no big deal, but after about the age of 40 i could see that his decision making process was not what it used to be, as was his memory. In so many ways it ruined our family, his paranoia, his selfishness, inability to effectively parent….by the time we divorced I felt as if I were the only adult in the house. His maturity level had decreased to that of our preteens. When I think of marijuana becoming legal and so many more teens now likely to pick it up on that basis, it worries me to think ahead to what our society will be like in a couple of decades. Scary! Will those who don’t partake see in their peers the same effects I’ve seen in my ex-husband?

  2. Yes, it is scary to think of marijuana legalization. Youth and children of our future will be in danger if marijuana use becomes the status quo in our country. Now we have to worry about not only drunk drivers, but also stoned drivers. Many of us know better, and know that it’s wrong because of our experiences.

  3. Well yes, it is not legal for people under 21, but the vast majority of adult S do not have the problems you describe. What about older adults who use as a sex aid. You think Viagra is not harmful. Why not let adults decide as we do with wine. Most adults can handle their liquor, while ten to twenty percent cannot. We don’t prohibit. Many activities are fine except for the few who go overboard yet we don’t ban.

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