More Deaths from Marijuana in Colorado

The third Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Report (HIDTA ) Report was released last week and there’s more bad news surrounding marijuana in Colorado.  There are statistics about teen use, hospitalizations and traffic deaths. The most disturbing news, though, is more deaths from marijuana.

Two more young men died this year and marijuana is substantially to blame. In March, Luke Goodman, a 23-year old (shown above), was on a two-week ski vacation with his family. He and a cousin purchased marijuana edibles and marijuana. Goodman was inexperienced and apparently ate several peach tart candies. Several hours later he was reported to be jittery, incoherent and talking non-sensibly. His cousin describe him as “pretty weird and relatively incoherent. It was almost like something else was speaking through him.” Apparent the family left the condo and Luke took and handgun and shot himself to death. His cousin and family members described him as well-adjusted with no signs of depression or suicidal tendencies.

Last year a reporter for CBS in Denver also covered the tragic deaths of the young Tron Dohse, Brant Clark and Daniel Suarez.  Each death occurred before the vote to legalize marijuana.  Observers say that if the public had been informed of what had happened to these youth, they never would have voted to legalize marijuana in Colorado.

The autopsy of a young man who died tragically on May 3, 2015 showed marijuana, a metabolic of cocaine and Xanax. A ‘marijuana drink” and a ‘metal tool commonly used in association with marijuana were also found at the scene, according to the police report.  Although there was a mixture of drugs involved, a friend admitted they had smoked marijuana before the hike.

Goodman’s death is in addition to the two deaths from last year — Levy Thamba and Kristine Kirk. These 4 deaths are in addition numerous auto accidents cause by stoned drivers. Just this week, Kristine’s husband Kirk has pled not guilty by reason of insanity, a situation probably brought on by the edibles he ate.  Shortly before the murder, his wife called 911 for help, saying that her husband ate a marijuana edible and wanted her to kill him.

Levy Thamba jumped 4 stories to his death after eating a marijuana cookie, in March 2014.   Last year drivers with marijuana in their system were involved in 20% of the traffic fatalities.

Earlier this year a teen also jumped 3 stories after eating a marijuana edible. Fortunately, he survived.  His mother had given him the edible, and she is being charged.

4 thoughts on “More Deaths from Marijuana in Colorado”

  1. So much of the madness about the world seems to be irrefutably correlated to the cannabinoids. The fact that myriads so willingly deny this simple fact is just plain creepy!

  2. The real question is… what kind of drugs do you have to be on to post this stuff? Glue? Everyone is allowed their own opinion. Even if they are not based on any reasonably intelligent facts.

  3. I was very close to Justin Bondi. If you could see past your own ignorance you would understand who he actually was. Weed had nothing to do with his death. Maybe, one day, you’ll figure out how pointless your argument against marajuana is, then you’ll know how much you disrespected the people that have lost a loved one. I hope you never have to suffer after reading an article like this but maybe you would learn a thing or two.

    P.S. Believe it or not, your diction is worse than your opinion. Try writing with less controversy and more substance.

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