California Tries to Regulate “Medical” Marijuana

AB 266 Passes Legislature, Ask Governor to Veto It. Medical Marijuana is NOT medicine.

By Roger Morgan, Founder, Take Back America Campaign

It’s tough to regulate a criminal activity.  First of all, “medical marijuana” isn’t medicine. The term was coined to give pot a good name as a first step toward full legalization.  Since federal law was a barrier to the hoax, the pro-pot lobby, financed by Soros and others, hoodwinked California voters into approving marijuana for the chronically ill in 1996.

The marijuana industry has crafted the latest bill.  We urge the governor to veto it. Here is what is missing:

  • No limit to doctors recommending
  • No limit to the THC level
  • No limit to advertising
  • No limit to how much you can buy (assuming you buy in amounts that keeps you under the in your possession of the 8 oz limit, about 480 joints)
  • No increase in age to 21 (evidently tobacco is dangerous for teens but not pot)
  • No description of enforcement other than a fine (double the license fee) and possible loss of you license.
  • No limit to the number of grows or stores
  • No limits on advertising
  • No drugged driving test
  • No limit on hash oil production and sale
  • No education program on the health risks and harms

While Prop 215 allowed individuals or caregivers to grow plants for up to 5 people, California now has over 50,000 cultivation sites, producing (according to our legislators) $32 billion of marijuana, all under the guise of medicine. Massive pot plantations are drying up streams, absorbing mass quantities of water during the worst drought in history.  Once nice neighborhoods reek with the stench of marijuana, while toxic pesticides, fungicides and poisons seep into ground water.

Marijuana and medical marijuana are destroying the environment, and stoned drivers are killing people even on sidewalks. The latest killing by a DUI-pot driver happened to a bicyclist on Thursday.  The drug itself is adversely affecting the brains of anyone under 25, particularly adolescents.  The potency of pot has escalated from about 4% to as high as 96% as Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or wax, available to anyone 18 years or older for any purported illness.

Vaping has become increasingly popular with teenagers as a delivery vehicle, while edibles are packaged to appeal to kids and sold in quantities that have proven fatal.  We don’t need new regulations to essentially condone criminal activity.  We need enforcement of the laws we have.


One thought on “California Tries to Regulate “Medical” Marijuana”

  1. Marijuana is doing something crazy to the brains of millions of abusers. How else can we explain the constant barrage of lies, all designed to promote marijuana?

    Widespread addiction might apply far more than is understood. The brains of the pot users may be rewiring so that they unwittingly are so enamored with this drug, they will do anything, or say anything, that promotes favorable factors for their access to marijuana.

    It’s weird and scary. Most know the great bulk of medical marijuana is genuinely a lie. Yes, as with almost any chemical stimulant, there can be potential medical uses. But we all know this is guise, a ruse to legitimize getting high from drugs. Pot users want to use pot, and the medical angle gives them more access.

    Plus for a measurable segment of the population, marijuana truly is addictive. And addiction is a very serious ailment of the brain. The medical marijuana movement has the dubious function of creating as many users and abusers as possible, and also creating myriads of marijuana addicts. True drug addicts that is, not just casual users.

    The addicted mind does not care about anything except getting more of the drug. So yes, if “medical marijuana” improves their chances of continuing to get high, or attempts thereof (since the addicted mind descends a continuous spiral of never really achieving pleasure in anything- continued drug use are only vain efforts to re-achieve dopamine normalcy which never happens) , they will be all for the ‘medicinal’ qualities.

    Do we see how wicked this is? Create more and more abusers and addicts, many of them whom truly believe their own ailments can only be cured by marijuana, so there will be no turning back. It’s totally WICKED!

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