Vape Pens Next Big Push in Marijuana Industry

Vape pens can be rigged for BHO, also know as dabs, the most potent form of marijuana with THC going up to 96%.  Since anyone in California over 18  can get a “medical” marijuana card, vaping has been the way to go for many of our youths on the fast track to addiction and marijuana psychosis. What is also interesting is that it is illegal to manufacture or import Butane Hash Oil (BHO) in California, yet 40% of the medical marijuana sold by California dispensaries  is BHO, used for vaping.

Josh Drayton, an advisor to California Senate President pro tempore Kevin de León accepted more that $85 from a marijuana lobbyist in late May. Drayton’s acceptance of the gifts while presenting himself as working for de León violates the spirit of the law passed in the 1970s saying that legislative aides may not accept more than $10 in gift.  Nate Bradley, head of the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) at the end of 2012, donated the gifts.

Since founding the CCIA, Bradley, a former cop, has spent his days roaming the halls of the Capitol building and his nights hopping from reception to fundraiser.  The intent was to influence legislation, particularly AB 266, a bill to regulate, legitimize and protect marijuana.   California illegally supplies 60% of the nation’s marijuana supply, a clear indication that the cannabis grown under the guise of medicine is not just for “medical” marijuana “patients.” It’s all about the money.

In the meantime, Senator Leno is introducing a bill that would make it illegal to sell cigarettes to anyone under age 21.  A coalition of  groups in California, including Stoppot 2016 and CALMCa insists that the bill include “medical” marijuana, because more young people smoke pot than tobacco, and more vape rather than use traditional cigarettes.

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