Marijuana is Not Winning Across the Country

Marijuana is no longer winning in the states, or in the courts around the nation.  Although Responsible Ohio has turned in enough signatures to put legalization on the ballot in November, 2015,  Governor John Kasich has come out strongly against this marijuana-industry plan towards legalization.   In fact, he state, “I’m totally opposed to it because it is the scourge of the country.”

Many other events that demonstrate legalization is far from inevitable, as it is not winning nationwide.

1) Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed key parts of two marijuana bills, one regarding decriminalization and one that sets the state’s new medical marijuana program expiration date to April 2018.

2) In San Francisco, a Northern California appeals court ruled that marijuana businesses cannot deduct business expenses on their tax returns.

3) On April 15, Judge Kimberly Mueller ruled against changing the Schedule I designation by Congress in 1970.   It was the second time the matter was brought to court in the last two years.

4) Journal of the American Medical Associations publishes a major study to say Medical Marijuana would not meet the requirements of FDA approval.

5) On June 15, 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employers can fire employees for off-duty “medical” marijuana use.

6) In Colorado, the rules committee for marijuana is considering a requirement that all edible products are marked with a red stop sign.

7) Colorado rejected PTSD as a condition for Medical Marijuana. More and more evidence is pointing to the fact that marijuana makes PTSD worse.

8) In Maryland governor Larry Hogan vetoed a bill to decriminalize marijuana paraphernalia.

9) In Maine, the House soundly rejected a ballot to legalize marijuana by a vote of 98 to 45.
An identical measure had been introduced two years earlier, in 2013, when it was defeated by only 4 votes

If anything the story in Maine is proof that legislators are moving against the marijuana lobbyists and industry now that an opposition is organized.

10)  A Denver based marijuana credit union was denied by the Federal Reserve.

Marijuana hasn’t been winning in California, with 83% of municipalities rejecting it and recent victories against it in Riverside and Yucca Valley.

3 thoughts on “Marijuana is Not Winning Across the Country”

  1. Wishfully I would like to agree and think we are winning, but the cynical side of me says we are losing to this massive pro marijuana agenda that is attacking us at every conceivable angle.

    I just read that Jennifer Aniston came out and said to the effect that she loved smoking marijuana. First the obvious. Marijuana is still federally illegal, and illegal in most states. Is she above the law with special privileged status? And of course, our illegal drug culture is financing and sponsoring a Holocaust in Mexico.

    But also she is callously, as well as myriads of other entertainers, paving the way for greater marijuana acceptance. That is because all of our pop cultural icons have followers who emulate their lifestyles.

    Pretty, lovable, and nice, yet she admits to and is encouraging the advancement of illegal drug abuse. How many drug addicts, how many lives ruined, how many highway deaths, how many gang shootings, how many more suicides, how many drug deranged murderers will result as a consequence? Not to mention pot makes you dumber!

    If a person willingly engages with illicit drugs in the US, and as a consequence of the drug trade that smuggles those drugs to America, somebody in Mexico gets tortured and murdered, the person breaking the law here indirectly has blood on his or her hands.

    Aren’t we Americans supposedly a compassionate and humanitarian nation devoted to the human plight? When the foundational standards and morals of our country disintegrate because of our illegal drug culture, and hardly a soul with national presence even utters a word, not even the Pope, I’d say we are losing miserably.

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