States Want Full Control of Marijuana Policy

State legislators who want what's best for the country should ignore the pro-marijuana lobbyists. The only marijuana policy: keep it illegal.
State legislators who want what’s best for the country should ignore the pro-marijuana lobbyists. The only marijuana policy: keep it illegal.

Marijuana Policy At The State Level Leads to Disastrous Results

On August 6, Washington Post contributor Niraj Chokshi published an article titled: State lawmakers to Congress: Butt out of our marijuana laws. It explains why states want Congress to stay out of their marijuana policy. In his letter to the editor, Roger Morgan explains why this decision will lead to disastrous results. If states were to continue experimenting their own marijuana policy laws the effects would comprise public safety, health, and economic developments. 

Marijuana Policy All Wrong At State Level

It has been 19 years (1996) since California voters were hood winked into decriminalizing marijuana for medicinal use. Based on our experience, if State lawmakers are seeking “…public safety, health and economic development … ” keep pot illegal! Marijuana is an assault on all three.

For anyone under age 25, today’s highly potent pot can cause permanent brain damage and loss of IQ, the chronic long term disease of schizophrenia and paranoia, psychotic breaks leading to mass murders and suicides, birth defects, addiction, cancer and myriad health problems, elevated levels of crime, diminished academic achievement and a doubling of traffic deaths. Like alcohol and tobacco, the social costs exceed the tax income by 10 to 12 times, and it is impossible to keep the pot or those who use it within the confines of any one state.

Under the guise of medicine, California cultivates and sells 60% of the marijuana to the entire nation. While the pot plantations decimate our forests, dry up our streams and create irreparable damage to eco-systems, the drug itself helps dumb down and destroy our youth throughout the nation. It is time for state lawmakers to renew their oath. Marijuana is a dangerous, Schedule I drug.

Roger Morgan, Chairman/Founder, Take Back America Campaign. Roger is a 20 year anti-drug activist dealing with drug prevention at the local, state and national level.  (  He is a former Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. Morgan is also founding Chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation in 1997, a non-profit dealing with drug prevention; prior Board Member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition; member of the National Coalition for Student Drug Testing; and Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado, California. His passion for drug prevention stems from two step-children who became drug addicted at age 12 and 14 roughly 32 years ago, and two nephews who died from drug related causes. Morgan has authored two books, published on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble, relating to marijuana and drug prevention. He is a frequent speaker and has written hundreds of articles on drugs and drug prevention.

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