Who Said No One Ever Died From Marijuana

sally_andySally Schindel and her son Andy

Sally is the Treasurer of Arizonians for Responsible Drug Policy.

Mothers have an instinct from nature to protect their kids. Whenever something comes close to hurting their child a mom is always the first one there. Imagine how Sally felt when she discovered it was too late to save her son. Andy died by suicide and left behind a note reading, “My soul is already dead. Marijuana Killed my soul + ruined my brain.” Andy was only 31 years old. You always hear people say that marijuana is a safe drug because no one has ever died from it. Sally’s loss debunks this myth.

Listen to or download Sally’s recent 40 minute radio interview: Sally’s Marijuana Testimony.

2 thoughts on “Who Said No One Ever Died From Marijuana”

  1. Saying that cannabis never killed anyone is akin to saying the Nazi guards at the Jewish extermination camps during WWII never killed anyone. They were just there, but didn’t personally kill anyone. Should they get off free from wrongdoing?
    So if millions of Americans are willfully using drugs illegally, including marijuana, in full defiance of federal and often state laws, and since there in an ongoing Holocaust in Latin America that exists to get those drugs to the American users, any rational person should conclude that millions of illicit drug abusing Americans DO have blood on their hands,
    Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Mexicans have been tortured and murdered to date- crimes against humanity. Sixty percent of that illegal drug flow is marijuana.
    So don’t let anyone tell you marijuana never killed anyone!

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