Marijuana is NOT Medicine

Skunk Alert: Marijuana is NOT Medicine

Part 7 of a 9 part series

While isolated components of the plant, like CBD, appear to have therapeutic value for certain illnesses, and marijuana has some value in suppressing vomiting and nausea and stimulating appetite in AIDs patients, the whole plant is classified by the FDA as a Schedule I drug because it has no accepted medicinal use, has the potential for harm, and cannot be administered properly under supervision. Real medicines must have known compounds, potency and dosage and be reproducible in a uniform manner (like pills). That isn’t possible with smoke, and the consistency of marijuana plants varies widely, often with fungus and insecticides that are very harmful. The term “medical marijuana” was coined by people who want to legalize drugs to give it a good name as a first step toward full legalization. CBD, the component that can help offset the psychoactive effects of THC, has been largely bred out of today’s marijuana being sold as medicine, as “patients” just want to get high. Synthetic THC has been produced in pill form called Marinol, and is legally available through pharmacies.Skunk About to Spray.svg.hi

Skunk is the name for today’s high potency marijuana.

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