Marijuana Can Permanently Harm a Fetus

Skunk Alert: Marijuana can Permanently Harm a Fetus

Part 4 of a 9 part series

Today’s high potency pot can cause brain damage to a fetus only two weeks after conception, before the mother even knows she is pregnant (Psychoyos, University of Texas). Research from forty years ago, when the potency of pot was a fraction of today’s pot, showed an increase in still births from 12% normal to 44%. Babies that survived child birth often had physical deformities and brain alterations that altered behavior and caused learning deficits well into the teens. Babies of mothers who smoked pot during pregnancy had an 11 fold increase in nonlumphobiastic leukemia. Young people approaching or in their child bearing years should be acutely aware that marijuana use at conception, during pregnancy and/or when breast feeding can directly affect a baby when they arSkunk About to Spray.svg.hie most vulnerable.

Skunk is the name for today’s high potency marijuana. 

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