Dumpster Diving for Weed

Dumpster diving “saves” the environment, but marijuana users can get their weed this way undercut to the market and  sell to others.

Dumpster diving for weed is a way to “make a living,” for those who moved to Colorado and were attracted for the pot.  They make a lot of money off unsuspecting people who get a better price, but don’t know it’s from the garbage. The black market alive and well, evading regulation.

2 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving for Weed”

  1. oh man…

    I can already see the hours of entertainment ill have, destroying your stupid posts!

    First of all… EVERY SINGLE LEGAL GROW must be required to LOCK & CONTAIN their waste.

    Second of all… EVERY SINGLE STONER must be required to KNOW & BE AWARE if their score came from a dumpster.

    Third of all… EVERY SINGLE PROHIBITIONIST must be required to be an ABSOLUTE PHUCKING IDIOT to publish such garbage.

    1. haha I just find this site entertaining. It’s funny how this is one of the major concerns associated with marijuana

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