Dangers of Dabbing, Vaping and BHO

More of kids are addicted to marijuana today because of the popularity of dabbing.  Everyone is doing it, and it’s hard to stop.

Skunk, with 15 % THC and higher is bad enough, but dabs run 50-100% THC.   Dabbing is done with highly

potent concentrates of marijuana.  The terms “honey oil,” “BHO,” “710,” “wax,” “earwax,” “dabs,” “budder” and “shatter” are nicknames for potent extract from the plant.  This practice needs to be discouraged, as some users really flip out over it.

Dabbing appeals to the pot users  looking for the quicker, faster high.  Yet, there are great psychological risks, too, and some users have had psychotic episodes from using this potent substance.   According to an account of a NORML event in California, one person nearly cracked their skull on the sidewalk and another experienced marijuana smoker broke her two front teeth when she passed out cold after ‘dabbing’.

Honey Oil, photo from the Humboldt Sentinel
A dab of honey oil, Photo; The Humboldt Sentinel

For sellers, it’s an easy way to make large profits.   However, making it at home is so much cheaper, and amateurs who make BHO put themselves in danger.  home.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and other online instructions to follow.  It begins by putting cannabis leaves and flowers in anextraction tube, like a pipe.  Next the colorless, odorless butane is put in that small area to extract the THC quickly, letting it fall through a small filter on bottom.  Another term for spraying the butane is called blasting the marijuana, which pulls the THC right out of it.   Problems are most likely to occur indoors or when there is not good ventilation.

A butane hash “chef” packs a pipe with marijuana trimmings that will be used to make butane hash. (Photo: Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

The solvent or butane must be flushed out.  It can be boiled off in a hot water bath, which is why some home producers use hot baths or double boilers. Many commercial enterprises have the butane pumped out with a vacuum vacuum chamber to lower butane’s boiling point, pulling butane from the oil.

The result is a hash oil which looks like honey.  It’s like the crack cocaine of marijuana.  The THC content can be  70 to 85 percent, while the average joint is much lower THC.  After cooling, the oil hardens and is broken into bits.

Butane hash oil must be made in an open or well-ventilated area.  If the butane sparks something else, explosions can occur.  What makes it dangerous is that butane is highly flammable, sensitive to heaters, pilot lights, electric cords, a cigarette or the slightest spark of a match.

State regulations in California and Colorado haven’t stopped the explosions.  California doesn’t allow medi-pot patients to produce BHO.  Colorado and Washington require BHO to be tested for residual butane before being placed on dispensary shelves.

Butane has oil, a highly potent distillation of marijuana, is so potent that a single hit can last more than a day.  (Photo: ABC News)
Butane has oil, distillation of marijuana, is so potent that a single hit can last more than a day. (Photo: ABC News)

There are many nicknames for butane hash oil: “Wax,” “Honey oil,” “earwax,” “dabs” “shatter” and more.   It could be smoked, vaped or infused into the edibles.   Vaping is a concern, since the vape pens are the e-cigarettes of marijuana.  It is  a way that teens may be using marijuana without detection.

In short, hash oil offers a quick and lasting high for users.   A single hit can last more than a day.   By making it, it costs a user about 50% less than it would by buying it from a licensed dispensary or maker.

6 thoughts on “Dangers of Dabbing, Vaping and BHO”

  1. How about watching your OWN children instead of making reasonable adults who want to enjoy a recreational smoke- the way you probably enjoy MANY MANY recreational beverages – the hell alone?

    Seriously, am I suddenly responsible for your childrens behavior? I’m tired of people like you justifying restrictions and laws for your childrens sake. If you want to continue the creepy creepy over-infantilization of your brats, go right ahead, but apparently you can’t even pull that off well enough to keep them away from pot, so you don’t want -anyone- to enjoy a relatively safe past time.

    How about, I don’t want kids getting hurt in sports, so lets make football illegal. It causes concussions man, can do serious brain damage…. oh that’s unreasonable? Yeah well, consider how many people -really- are fans of just having a joint, relaxing with some friends, and -not- driving anywhere high.

    We deserve the freedom to enjoy responsibly – it’s not our fault, that you decided to have brats that can’t handle themselves.

    In the case of dabs – I get it, it’s scary, maybe there’s contamination because you’ve made it – a less than professional industry, by busting down all the doors with jack booted thugs and reducing the methods used to the proverbial bathtub hooch for decades.

    Yeah, getting -extra- high sounds -extra- irresponsible, kinda like pounding drinks in a contest to see who gets alcohol poisoning first, and frankly, you can’t get your kids to stop doing that either, so shut up and learn how to parent instead of taking things away from everyone else and ruining lives in the process.

    1. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do any drugs. So your drinking comment does not apply to me but I still think the scientific evidence is clear that cannabis is harmful to development, to cognitive ability, and it can impair motor functioning. Marijuana use also appears to make people pretty emotional and angry, as your comment shows.

  2. The agression that pot provokes in people is so obvious by the rude comments in this thread. How disgusting it is to see how people who believe in their highs from marijuana will stoop so low by speaking in such a sick manner all to defend their consumption of their mind altering drug – marijuana. To the people who are involved in working so hard to put the truth out there and in this forum for people like me I say thank you, I salute you and thank god I can go to Stop Pot, Parents against pot, SAM, and other organizations for information I desperately need so I can help my daughter. I live abroad and a boy from her school who has used, threw himself off the top of a building and committed suicide a few months ago.

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