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Cannabis means more crazy people

By Peter Hitchens As the sickly-sweet stench of marijuana spreads ever further across the once-civilised Western world, there is one universal result. There are more crazy people. Some of them are dangerous.

Many of them are crazy because they have fried their brains with skunk. Some are crazier still because baffled doctors have added to the cocktail with various poorly understood prescription drugs.

But the chances that you will meet such a person grow daily, as our leaders refuse to enforce the laws against marijuana possession. They will grow still more if they are stupid enough to bow to the billionaire campaign to legalise this poison. Continue reading Cannabis means more crazy people

Smoking Mad: A Letter to the Calgary Sun


RE: When Big Tobacco has a solid case you know there are problems by Mark Bonokoski. Canadian governments have spent many millions to dissuade young people taking up smoking tobacco, including requiring cancer-related photos on packaging. Polls show it is having positive results with fewer young people taking up the addictive and health damaging habit. This is another troubling aspect of PM Sunny Ways legalizing pot, a more harmful and addictive substance, then not requiring the same type of packaging as cigarettes. Not only is this likely lead to more young people smoking pot, it is another huge gift to organized crime. Along with allowing personal grow ops and poorly drafted, hard to enforce new pot laws. Big tobacco definitely has a legitimate case!


(The rollout of cannabis legislation seems rushed and all over the map.)

Homeless Man’s View of Marijuana’s Curse

The real cost of marijuana legalization: Homelessness and trouble finding work.

Marijuana legalization is causing the homeless population in Pueblo, Colorado to rise. This video is a first-hand account of a young homeless man who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorder after starting to smoke marijuana at the age of 15. Devin was introduced to marijuana after his grandmother gave his mother (her daughter) the drug to combat chronic pain. The two started using the drug together and after moving to Colorado became homeless and are struggling to find work.

This story is a dramatic example of multi-generational drug use and how some of these conditions run within the family.

Watch the video here:

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Why Communities Should Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

By Roger Morgan, Take Back America Campaign

The two most important responsibilities of elected officials at any level are to protect the people and tax dollars. Neither is possible by allowing the cultivation and/or sale of marijuana in a community.
First of all, It is a federally banned Schedule 1 drug because it has no accepted medicinal use, can’t be administered properly under supervision, and has the potential for harm. Real medicines have known compounds, dosage and potency, and must be reproducible in a uniform manner. Smoking has never been approved as a delivery vehicle. Edibles, vaping and dabbing range in potency, compounds and dosage in such a wide range, consistency is impossible, not to mentioned most are laced with pesticides.

Credible scientific research will affirm that marijuana is a dangerous drug. Marijuana is fat-soluble and stays in the body and brain for a month, compounding with each additional use. Even in the 60s and 70s when the potency of the drug ranged from ½ to 2%, the human harms were significant. Today, the potency in smoked form ranges from 20 to 30%. Edibles have a normal range of 50 to 80%, and waxes and oils used in vaping and dabbing go as high as 98%. The harms have escalated proportionally.

Marijuana causes permanent structural changes in developing brains, anyone under age 25. The age groups with the highest consumption are 18-25 and 12-17, both under the threshold. The harms include loss of IQ; problems with memory, cognition and learning; and psychotic breaks leading to horrific acts of violence. Pot users are 7 times more likely to commit suicide, and 5 times more susceptible to schizophrenia, paranoia and bi-polar condition. 17% of those who start using before 18 will become addicted, 9% of those who start after 18. Marijuana is a known cause of cancer, chronic bronchitis, cardiac problems, birth defects. Traffic deaths owing to marijuana impairment have doubled. Roughly 13% of drivers on the road today are impaired to varying degrees, putting everyone at risk.

Over 50% of arrestees for all crimes test positive for pot, 59% in Sacramento. It is a gateway to drugs that kill 144 Americans daily due to overdose, almost all of whom started their drug journey with pot. It is a major cause of high school dropouts. Academically, America is 24th (last) in the world, with a one-third dropout rate. According to UC Santa Barbara, the life time cost of one dropout is $392,000.

Dispensaries are magnets for crime. Their products serve as the root cause of human pain, suffering and death. They are drug dealers with store fronts, and a threat to the health and safety of any community.


Roger Morgan
Roger Morgan, Director

ROGER MORGAN Chairman/Founder, Take Back America Campaign, is a 20 year anti-drug activist dealing with drug prevention at the local, state and national level. ( Formerly Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. Owner/CEO of Steelheart International LLC, engaged in international business development and has been an entrepreneur and businessman in California for 37 years. He was Founding Chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation in 1997, a non-profit dealing with drug prevention; prior Board Member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition; member of the National Coalition for Student Drug Testing; and Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado.