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Please oppose SB 233

Senator Jerry Hill wants to allow marijuana in schools in the disguise of medical marijuana (SB223).  It is in California Senate for re-approval and then likely to go to the Governor’s desk as well.  The same bill was vetoed by former Governor Brown last year.  Please oppose SB 233.

Californians — especially parents — must write to the Governor and the Senators now urging them to reject SB223.  The main points are as follows:

1.  Neither US Surgeon General nor FDA has approved the usage of medical marijuana by youngsters.  In fact, U.S. Surgeon General just issued an emphatically strong warning against marijuana on August 29th accentuating on this point. 

2.  No amount of marijuana is safe for adolescents who would have permanent brain damage after using marijuana for a long period of time.  There are many medical alternatives which do not have the potential huge negative consequences that marijuana has.

3.  This law can easily be abused and leading to much more marijuana consumption in schools.  For example, it is not difficult at all to obtain a doctor’s note for marijuana.

4.  A new law cannot be simply based on an isolated case which may be not valid and can be dealt with individually.

5.  This opens up schools for marijuana usage and would lead to more bad bills along this line.  On the contrary, every effort should be used to block marijuana from penetrating into schools.

Marijuana is not like the pot of yesterday

6.  In the words of U.S. Surgeon General, “It is not your mother’s marijuana!”  Today’s marijuana is three or four times as potent as before. 

Please write to the Governor Newsom by going to gov state legislators contact info can be found at
Not only that, voters of San Mateo County should take action to oust Senator Hill who apparently is working for the best interests of the marijuana gangs but not Californians.  His removal represents a good riddance for Californians.

Please certainly stand up now to protect our future generations and tell everybody to do the same!  Please write to the Governor and Senators against SB223 immediately.  Thank you.



A false argument by the drug lobby

by David G. Evans, Esq.

The pro-drug lobby claims that the “war on drugs” is a new form of the infamous “Jim Crow” laws that repressed African Americans after the Civil War. Jim Crow laws provided for segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation and voter suppression.

The pro-drug lobby claims that drug laws unfairly target African Americans and other minorities.

Here are some points to consider:

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Here are people that aren’t feeling the “Joy” Kamala

Kamala Harris – This presidential candidate is disregarding public health and safety and the future of our kids for drug money that will end up in her campaign war chest.

The families of dead children after their suicides – THC is the number one drug found in the bodies of young suicides.

The families of children in addiction therapy – THC is the drug driving the most young people to addiction therapy.

The families and individuals who have pot induced psychosis – This can become a life long and devastating disease

The families of those who have been killed by pot impaired drivers – pot impaired driving deaths in WA double after “legalization”

The children of drug addicted parents and the families of children who have been injured or died while under the care of pot impaired parents – many children left in cars, children drowned while parents sleep, children burned

Those in emergency rooms scromiting – Hyperemesis syndrome The users who have discovered they have high levels of heavy metal poisoning – pot plants collect and concentrate heavy metals from the soil. Further concentrated in hash oil products.

The users/addicts themselves – although they often won’t admit it. They are trapped by the drug, often needing to use multiple or even a dozen times a day, their relationships are suffering, they may suffer from amotivational syndrome.

The employers of users who can’t depend on sound judgement or dependability of using employees.

The unborn whose brains and bodies are being injured by the prenatal use of parents.
“This is Kamala Harris signaling to drug dealers in the pot industry- ‘I’m here, I’m running, I will be your advocate'”- Carla Lowe
“The only person that will really feel Joy will be Kamala Harris when she receives a large donation from the Pot Industry for her Presidential Campaign” – Scott Chipman

(Originally published by                                                                   Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana                                                               For more in formation, call 619-990-7480 Scott
or 916-990-7489 Carla

Car insurance rates to increase in states with legal marijuana


Vermont Voters Warned A Vote for Legal Pot is a Vote for Higher Insurance Rates

Reprinted with permission from Statehouse Headliners

By Guy Page
October 25, 2018 – Car insurance rates are likely to increase 4-6% in states with legal marijuana, a leading insurance industry actuary says.

“You’re looking at an increase of around 4 to 6 percent in overall coverage,” James Lynch, chief actuary of the Insurance Information Institute told the Boston Herald October 24, 2018. Even if drivers don’t smoke pot themselves, their insurance rates will increase regardless, Lynch said.

A 6 percent increase in insurance premiums on all 615,950 registered vehicles in Vermont would cost about $28.3 million. The average Vermont car insurance premium is $764, according to A 6% increase would add $46 in annual premiums, for a total of $810. Continue reading Car insurance rates to increase in states with legal marijuana