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A River in Calaveras County How Safe is it Today?

The Marijuana Environment is Hazardous to Human Health

All creatures great and small are being poisoned by the pesticides and rodenticides in the water they drink, and in the food they eat. This polluted water from the northern California marijuana environment eventually flows to much of the State. The lawless pot industry is nothing less than purveyors of poison.

The recent scientific study “Cultivating Disaster: The Effect of Cannabis Cultivation on the Environment of Calaveras County,” points out that the cultivation of the drug was allowed by the State of California without adequate understanding of the impact on the environment and public health, welfare and safety. The chemicals that flow from the grow sites to the watershed had never been approved for these crops. Continue reading POT KILLS: WHAT’S ON YOUR POT? WHAT’S IN YOUR WATER?

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Three Letters to the Editor on Marijuana Impaired Driving

Driving under influence of marijuana more deadly

Lawmakers rushed to legalize recreational marijuana. They didn’t think it through. They wanted the tax revenue it would generate.

They know what driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can do. There are laws on the books for such offenses. But there are no laws on the books for driving under the influence of marijuana, and there is no test, either. Continue reading Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Tests Positive for Toxic Compounds

Buyers, beware! Several studies show that marijuana products contain toxic compounds, chemical contaminants and pesticides.  Medical marijuana providers have skipped federal oversight for many years now, making miraculous claims. California introduced “medical” marijuana in 1996, but the state never learned how to test and regulate it.

San Francisco Magazine wrote an alarming article about the findings of Anresco Labs.  Investigators found 80% of the samples tainted with several categories of toxins in marijuana:

Pesticides and Fungicides pose a special risk in for those taking cannabis extracts, which would include cannabidiol or CBD.   One of these pesticides, Myclobutanil, sold under the brand name Eagle 20,  causes cancer. Continue reading Medical Marijuana Tests Positive for Toxic Compounds

Legal pot isn’t safe pot

By Scott Chipman, As legalization of pot ramps up in California what should citizens and especially parents be considering?

The “medipot” industry has been lawless. Those willing to break the law are not likely to obey new, weak and unenforced regulations. Local law enforcement throughout the state, including our own Chief Zimmerman pled for banning commercial pot drug dealing operations. Most jurisdictions in the state have listened. Sadly several cities, including San Diego City, have not.

With over 22,000 research papers on marijuana over the last few decades you might expect public awareness and knowledge to be at a high level. Unfortunately, what most people know about marijuana continues to be wrong and there is a growing gap between the science-based research on marijuana and what the public knows. Let’s focus on just five areas.

1.    Legalization doesn’t make pot less dangerous.

We’re told marijuana is not dangerous. Not True. Marijuana is psychoactive impacting the brain and the body. Today’s pot is 10-40 times stronger than in the ‘60s or ‘70s. “Edibles” can be 60-90% THC, the “crack cocaine” of pot. Psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, paranoia are linked to

Continue reading Legal pot isn’t safe pot