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Dangers of Marijuana Explained by Texas Mother

Marijuana is Addictive. Dangers of Marijuana Ruining my Family

There’s this popular notion that marijuana is a harmless drug, a lie  perpetuated by the pot lobby. Drug abuse harms thousands of families in the U.S. yet the pot lobby continues to deny marijuana’s damaging effects. In this blog Stop Pot 2016 presents the story of a Texas mother detailing her family’s experience with the dangers of marijuana.
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Marijuana Lifestyle Not Proper Way to Live

marijuana lifestyle
Think of the risks involved with a marijuana lifestyle.

Jade’s marijuana lifestyle robbed her of the ability to choose between right & wrong

My name is Jade, I come from a nice family, and was born in 1955. My father was a scientist and we had a nice life until he had a heart attack at 34 then died suddenly at 36. Our family was left grief stricken. I was 13 and this was the worst thing I could imagine happening.  My mother, brother and sister were all close and alike, but I was a lot like my father, so that left me odd man out.  I was unbelievably sad and bereft and I couldn’t get over it. I had been an A student but from that point on my grade point average went down.

When I was 16 I met a boy and we started dating. About a year after we started seeing one another he introduced me to marijuana. I knew my mother would not want me to smoke it, but my older brother had started smoking it about a year after our father died, and he told me it was perfectly safe and wonderful and that Mom and Dad were wrong when they had advised us to stay away from pot and drugs.  After breaking up with the boyfriend I continued with my marijuana lifestyle.  Of course, that meant when I dated I always chose men who smoked pot, too.  I couldn’t smoke pot and do well in college, so I dropped out of when I was 19 and got married, then divorced due to abuse.  This began a long journey into darkness. I had a daughter with a boyfriend, but ended up raising her by myself. During the next 8 years I worked, stayed alone, and then began dating again.

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Who Said No One Ever Died From Marijuana

sally_andySally Schindel and her son Andy

Sally is the Treasurer of Arizonians for Responsible Drug Policy.

Mothers have an instinct from nature to protect their kids. Whenever something comes close to hurting their child a mom is always the first one there. Imagine how Sally felt when she discovered it was too late to save her son. Andy died by suicide and left behind a note reading, “My soul is already dead. Marijuana Killed my soul + ruined my brain.” Andy was only 31 years old. You always hear people say that marijuana is a safe drug because no one has ever died from it. Sally’s loss debunks this myth.

Listen to or download Sally’s recent 40 minute radio interview: Sally’s Marijuana Testimony.