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Front Page News: Marijuana Dispensaries Target Everyone

With the passage of Proposition 64, in California, came with it a plethora of new advertising for another addictive product. That is the high potency drug sold in many forms by the cannabis industry. Although local jurisdictions can prohibit commercialization, the City of San Diego went ahead and supported retail sales. As a result, the local dispensaries here in San Diego are pushing revenue into their advertising channels which include print media, billboards and radio ads. 

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Please oppose SB 233

Senator Jerry Hill wants to allow marijuana in schools in the disguise of medical marijuana (SB223).  It is in California Senate for re-approval and then likely to go to the Governor’s desk as well.  The same bill was vetoed by former Governor Brown last year.  Please oppose SB 233.

Californians — especially parents — must write to the Governor and the Senators now urging them to reject SB223.  The main points are as follows:

1.  Neither US Surgeon General nor FDA has approved the usage of medical marijuana by youngsters.  In fact, U.S. Surgeon General just issued an emphatically strong warning against marijuana on August 29th accentuating on this point. 

2.  No amount of marijuana is safe for adolescents who would have permanent brain damage after using marijuana for a long period of time.  There are many medical alternatives which do not have the potential huge negative consequences that marijuana has.

3.  This law can easily be abused and leading to much more marijuana consumption in schools.  For example, it is not difficult at all to obtain a doctor’s note for marijuana.

4.  A new law cannot be simply based on an isolated case which may be not valid and can be dealt with individually.

5.  This opens up schools for marijuana usage and would lead to more bad bills along this line.  On the contrary, every effort should be used to block marijuana from penetrating into schools.

Marijuana is not like the pot of yesterday

6.  In the words of U.S. Surgeon General, “It is not your mother’s marijuana!”  Today’s marijuana is three or four times as potent as before. 

Please write to the Governor Newsom by going to gov state legislators contact info can be found at
Not only that, voters of San Mateo County should take action to oust Senator Hill who apparently is working for the best interests of the marijuana gangs but not Californians.  His removal represents a good riddance for Californians.

Please certainly stand up now to protect our future generations and tell everybody to do the same!  Please write to the Governor and Senators against SB223 immediately.  Thank you.


Marijuana cannot be left to the states – No to STATEs Act

This article states that the White House Drug Czar’s top people are saying that pot should be left up to the states.
They are wrong. The marijuana industry promotes the myth that marijuana regulation is a “states’ rights” issue and should be left up to the states. This is not true.
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled twice that federal marijuana law preempts state marijuana laws and that marijuana control is a federal matter and not a states’ rights matter. United States v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative, 532 US 483 (2001); Gonzales v. Raich, 545 U.S. 1 (2005)
For example, it is indisputable that state medical-marijuana laws do not, and cannot, supersede federal laws that criminalize the possession of marijuana. United States v. Hicks, 722 F.Supp.2d 829 (E.D. Mich. 2010)

No one wants or can live with the mess that is in California. Please write your Senator and Representatives and tell them to oppose the STATES Act.

California’s legalization is a total failure. Colorado’s legalization affects the surrounding states. Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco have experienced rises in homelessness and crime.

Cannabis means more crazy people

By Peter Hitchens As the sickly-sweet stench of marijuana spreads ever further across the once-civilised Western world, there is one universal result. There are more crazy people. Some of them are dangerous.

Many of them are crazy because they have fried their brains with skunk. Some are crazier still because baffled doctors have added to the cocktail with various poorly understood prescription drugs.

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