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Medical Marijuana Tests Positive for Toxic Compounds

Buyers, beware! Several studies show that marijuana products contain toxic compounds, chemical contaminants and pesticides.  Medical marijuana providers have skipped federal oversight for many years now, making miraculous claims. California introduced “medical” marijuana in 1996, but the state never learned how to test and regulate it.

San Francisco Magazine wrote an alarming article about the findings of Anresco Labs.  Investigators found 80% of the samples tainted with several categories of toxins in marijuana:

Pesticides and Fungicides pose a special risk in for those taking cannabis extracts, which would include cannabidiol or CBD.   One of these pesticides, Myclobutanil, sold under the brand name Eagle 20,  causes cancer. Continue reading Medical Marijuana Tests Positive for Toxic Compounds

Yuba County Protests Environmental, Water Problems Sacramento

By B Branan, Sacramento Bee  The Yuba County sheriff, Yuba and Calaveras county supervisors and others gathered to complain about illegal marijuana grows in the state capital on Jan.  2

The day after California launched its first legal sales of recreational marijuana, Yuba County officials gathered on the steps of the state Capitol to criticize the state’s cannabis regulatory system, saying it is not protecting them from destructive illegal grow sites.

Yuba County Supervisor Randy Fletcher speaks during a rally on the north steps of the state Capitol on Tuesday. Photo: R.Benton, SacBee

County Supervisor Randy Fletcher, Lt. Wendell Anderson of the Sheriff’s Office and Brent Hastey, chairman of the county’s water agency, were among the speakers at Tuesday’s press conference, which also featured photos of pesticides and other pollutants found at illegal growsites in Yuba County.

Brent Hastey

The rally came a week after the Board of Supervisors declared a state of emergency in Yuba County because of marijuana. The board said illegal pot grows are causing environmental degradation and the county does not have the resources to stop them.

Illegal growers are “methodically targeting poor rural counties” because those places don’t have the manpower to investigate and police cultivation sites, Fletcher said.

The Sheriff’s Office has seen the number of confiscated marijuana plants go from 2,000 to 29,000 in recent years, Anderson said.

The proposition that legalized recreational marijuana set up a system for local government to control such activity. By regulating marijuana cultivation, local governments can receive tax money for more enforcement activity.

But Yuba County has voted to ban marijuana cultivation, making the county ineligible for such funds. Fletcher said the county is reflecting the wishes of voters, who rejected the legalization measure as well as three other local measures on marijuana.

Fletcher said rural counties throughout California are in a similar situation: They have banned commercial cultivation but still are confronted with a glut of illegal growers creating environmental problems.

Fletcher said his awareness of pot-related pollution increased after he met Calaveras County Supervisor Dennis Mills at a convention in Reno last year. Mills has been an outspoken critic of marijuana growers in Calaveras County and worked on a report with a public relations firm detailing “the effects of cannabis cultivation on the environment of Calaveras County.”

Mills and the head of the PR firm, Jack Cox, attended Tuesday’s rally. They said they will continue to work with Fletcher and other rural-county leaders to address pollution caused by illicit marijuana farms.

This article originally appeared in The Sacramento Bee.  Brad Branan: 916-321-1065, @BradB_at_SacBee

Legal pot isn’t safe pot

By Scott Chipman, As legalization of pot ramps up in California what should citizens and especially parents be considering?

The “medipot” industry has been lawless. Those willing to break the law are not likely to obey new, weak and unenforced regulations. Local law enforcement throughout the state, including our own Chief Zimmerman pled for banning commercial pot drug dealing operations. Most jurisdictions in the state have listened. Sadly several cities, including San Diego City, have not.

With over 22,000 research papers on marijuana over the last few decades you might expect public awareness and knowledge to be at a high level. Unfortunately, what most people know about marijuana continues to be wrong and there is a growing gap between the science-based research on marijuana and what the public knows. Let’s focus on just five areas.

1.    Legalization doesn’t make pot less dangerous.

We’re told marijuana is not dangerous. Not True. Marijuana is psychoactive impacting the brain and the body. Today’s pot is 10-40 times stronger than in the ‘60s or ‘70s. “Edibles” can be 60-90% THC, the “crack cocaine” of pot. Psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, paranoia are linked to

Continue reading Legal pot isn’t safe pot

Drug Overdoses GO up as US follows cry of “NO MORE DRUG WAR”

Drug overdose deaths are expected to surpass 71,000 in 2017, nearly double the 36,000 overdose deaths in 2008.  The growth of the Drug Policy Alliance contributes, along with other factors, to the staggering increase in drug overdose deaths.  The rate of death from drug overdoses has climbed to twice the rate of deaths from gun violence.

Nine years ago, the USA officially banned the term, “War on Drugs. ”  At the same time, the Department of Justice decided not to go after medical marijuana violators of federal law.  The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) still blames drug deaths on a “war on drugs.”  Continue reading Drug Overdoses GO up as US follows cry of “NO MORE DRUG WAR”