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Marijuana DUI and Bicyclists

By Bay Area Bicycle Law, October 24, 2019 

Marijuana has been legal in California for recreational use since late 2016, and this is bad news for cyclists. According to a Forbes article, drugs have now outpaced alcohol as a primary factor in DUI fatalities.

In 2016, 44 percent of fatally-injured drivers tested positive for drugs—up from 28 percent in 2006. While alcohol DUI fatalities dropped from 41 percent to 38 percent. Of all the drug impaired fatalities, marijuana was present in half of these. Continue reading Marijuana DUI and Bicyclists

Mitch McConnell meets with pot drug dealers

Mitch McConnell is meeting with the wrong people

(Published by our friends and partners at AALM, Americans Against the Legalization of Marijuana)

It is being reported that Mitch McConnell is in California to meet with marijuana drug dealers. He has traveled here because California is the epicenter for all things pot. The grow sites are here, the businesses are here, the investors are here, the manufacturers are here and the users are here.  Of course pot drug dealers want more federal legitimacy and full national legalization of their harmful and addictive drug. They want to be able to bank their ill-gotten profits. 

What Mitch needs to know is there is nothing related to pot that is properly working in California. Not one promise made to voters has been kept. Continue reading Mitch McConnell meets with pot drug dealers

Front Page News: Marijuana Dispensaries Target Everyone

With the passage of Proposition 64, in California, came with it a plethora of new advertising for another addictive product. That is the high potency drug sold in many forms by the cannabis industry. Although local jurisdictions can prohibit commercialization, the City of San Diego went ahead and supported retail sales. As a result, the local dispensaries here in San Diego are pushing revenue into their advertising channels which include print media, billboards and radio ads. 

Continue reading Front Page News: Marijuana Dispensaries Target Everyone

Please oppose SB 233

Senator Jerry Hill wants to allow marijuana in schools in the disguise of medical marijuana (SB223).  It is in California Senate for re-approval and then likely to go to the Governor’s desk as well.  The same bill was vetoed by former Governor Brown last year.  Please oppose SB 233.

Californians — especially parents — must write to the Governor and the Senators now urging them to reject SB223. Continue reading Please oppose SB 233